Winter Wear Part 2

This week I continued working on the gloves pattern.   It is near impossible where I love to find gloves with fingers for small children and my daughter is not overly thrilled with mittens.   So after having successfully made gloves for Oliver, I worked on making them smaller for Lily.  It turns out that only a few adjustments were required to the pattern to make them the right size.    I ended up using a smaller hook and 1 strand of DK yarn and I am pleased with the pattern.

Having made Lily her gloves it took a couple of days to convince her to wear them I think she was worried they might be mittens!   However, once she had them on she was very please she could move all her fingers!   I then started work on completing her winter wear set.  She already had a hat so I started on a scarf.   I have been wanting to try the C2C (corner to corner) stitch so decided to have a go.  Turns out this is  very simple stitch and after watching a couple of videos I figured it out quickly and made her a scarf in 1 day (amongst looking after the kids!).    I finished it off with a few rows of single crochet and a shell border.

The same day we managed to loose her hat and so since she had glove and a scarf that were made from the same wool I made a hat in a couple of hours to Match adding a flower as decoration.   After seeing the set together I also added a flower to them too.   She loved trying on her hat and scarf although she does love to play dress up anyway and I am very pleased with her new winter wear set!

Lily's Winter Wear

I am now only 23 granny squares away from being able to put together my first scrap wool blankst.    I hope to have it ready to show you all in next weeks post.

I hope you have enjoyed my second winter wear section!   See you all next week.

Vicky x

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