Winter Wear

The weather has been really cold the last few weeks and so this has been a good opportunity to wear the winter wear I have made for the children over the last few months.    Oliver now has a complete set – hat, scarf and gloves which are all slightly too big and I am therefore hoping will last him this winter and next.   Lily just has a hat but I’m sure over the next few weeks I will work on a scarf and gloves for her too.

Last year oliver was really into space and so I decided to make him a space themed scarf.    I made the pattern up although I never actually wrote it down, I know it only took a couple of evenings to make.   It has rockets, planets and stars as well so bright colours everything a space loving toddler needs.    I think the multi coloured fringe at the end makes it even better.   Unfortunately I didn’t write down what I did, however, I suspect I could work it out if I ever had the need to make another one.

Whilst he still lives space as with most toddlers he got an new favourite around his 3rd birthday – paw patrol.  Therefore I made his hat to imitate the hat of his then favourite puppy Chase.    I used this basic pattern and edited the colours and added a star to make it like the one Chase wears.    It turns out that making this hat has made hat wearing more fun this winter and he actually gets upset if I suggest he doesn’t need to wear it out!

Finally after buying and breaking or loosing multiple gloves I decided I would have a go at making him some.    I used the broken ones as a template to work with and it only took a couple of hours to work out each glove.   I have made a chain string attaching them together so at least they will stay in his coat and not get lost.   Hoping they will not break as easily either.

Oliver's winter WearI also had a go at writing down what I did if you would like to try and make some yourself please follow this link.    They are for approximately age 3 to 4 but I will probably work on other sizes too since I need to make some for my daughter and also work up to adult gloves for me too.   Please bear in mind this is the first time I have written down a pattern so if you find any issues please let me know!

Hope you have enjoyed this week on winter wear.   See you next time!

Vicky x

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