Toy Hammocks

I remember when I was around 8 or so going to a friends house and seeing all her stuffed animals in a toy hammock.   I remember thinking how cool that was and I wished I had one.    Mine instead lived on the end of my bed.   Time passed and I didn’t think anything more of it until now.

Lily's HammockMy children both have a growing collection of stuffed toys, some which they have inherited from their Father and I, but they take up so much room on the end of their toddler beds.    It’s a pain to have to take them all off and on when changing or making them and they can never find the ones they want!

I’d been thinking about ways to store them for a while and remembered the hammock I used to love when I was a kid.  I looked around for patterns but didn’t see anything I liked quite enough to make it – so I decided to experiment and make my own.    I have some chunky blanket wool I bought a while back when aldi had it on offer.   I had no plans for it and this seemed a good use for it.

I started to create the first hammock in pink sparkly wool for Lily since it bothers her the most having her toys on her bed and very quickly Oliver announced he wanted one too in blue.    I had some blue left from the blanket I made on the sofa but not enough for the whole toy hammock so he agreed to half of it being in silver.

They work up very quickly in a couple of hours and I am pleased by the results.  I create the whole toy hammock without any sewing (am part from the ends) which should great as I don’t enjoy sewing particularly.   The loops allow it to be hung in two ways – so Lily has hers hung with both loops on one hook and Oliver’s has it more open.   They both love them and the access to their toys they have without them being in their way.

Oliver's Hammock

You can find the pattern for the toy hammock here.   I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.   See you next week

Vicky x

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