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A while back, Pam from Crochetpreneur sent out some forms to fill in an application to become a designer in a project she was launching in November called 30 days of Cozy.   I wasn’t quite sure at this point exactly what it entailed, or whether I would be accepted, but it seemed like a great opportunity to have one of my patterns featured on her blog and so I applied.   At this point I had no idea what I would design.   A little while later I heard back from Pam and I was super excited that I had been selected.   After learning more about this program and knowing that my dinosaur patterns from last year were some of my best received patterns I decided I would design a dinosaur for the project.

If you have been following Cosy Crochet blog for a while you will know that my son Oliver is dinosaur mad.   For quite sometime now, he has been watching dinosaur documentaries, reading dinosaur books and playing with dinosaur toys and his favourite dinosaur, the Therizinosaurus is not the easiest of dinosaurs to find.   He had been asking me for ages to make a Therizinosaurus cuddly toy and this project seemed like the perfect opportunity to do this.

Hatching Baby TherizinosaurusFor those of you not familiar with this dinosaur (and I suspect that is most people!), it was discovered in the 1940’s in the Gobi Dessert in Mongolia.   The discovery of this dinosaur was originally thought to be a giant turtle, however as more of it was uncovered they discovered it was a dinosaur with really long claws that were up to 1.5 meters in length.   This Giant dinosaur was actually a herbivore although part of the theripod family of dinosaurs and it lived in the cretaceous period.   I think its the claws that captured my sons imagination and he saved really well to buy his own model of this dinosaur.   It was this model I based my design  on.   I don’t know how accurate this model is to the original dinosaur, but since they haven’t found a complete skeleton yet I am not too worried.  Oliver loves it and recognises it as a Therizinosaurus so really that’s all that matters.  (All information in this paragraph I learnt from Oliver!)

I created this dinosaur using mostly two colours and he is made in different sections.   The body, neck and tail is made in two panels and the limbs, claws, head and jaw are all made separately and

joined together, some with join as you go techniques and others are sewn.   I use pipe cleaners (or wire with a cork on the end for the larger dinosaur) to get the shape required for the legs, arms and

spines and these allow the dinosaur to keep his shape.   I really wanted this dinosaur to have an open mouth with visible teeth so he could pretend to eat.  At this point in Oliver’s life, making his dinosaurs eat seems to be very important to him.   Both the Mummy & baby dinosaurs are created using this basic idea.   However, I wanted to do something a little more interesting rather than just a larger version of the same dinosaur, and so the Mummy dinosaur has a pouch underneath her which can store an egg.   This pouch can be opened so she can lay her egg.  Then the baby dinosaur can be curled up inside the egg and he can hatch out of the opening egg.   This really does make this dinosaur more interactive!   The video below shows the interactive nature of these dinosaurs.

Oliver really loves these dinosaurs I created for him, he sleeps with them and plays with them and I am actually really pleased with how they have come out.   I am even more excited that they get to feature in the 30 Days of Cozy project.   If you are not familiar with this project yet, then basically throughout the month of November, a different designer is featured with a unique design on the Crochepreneur blog.    If you haven’t already been following along, then there are some wearable’s, home decor items and some amigurumi featured in the program.   My pattern for the baby Therizinosaurus hatching from his egg will be available on Pam’s blog from tomorrow (November 15th) for free.   However, the really exciting part, is that the Therizinosaurus plus the premium versions of ALL the patterns featured in the 30 days of Cozy, and some additional bonus patterns are all being offered in one bundle for just $10!   That’s over 40 patterns from lots of different designers for just $10.Mummy & Baby Therizinosaurus

If you want to find more about this bundle or just purchase it (lets face it, it is an amazing deal) then you can use my affiliate link here, but don’t delay as this offer is only around until then end of November.   After this time the patterns will still be available to purchase separately from each designers shops, but this is the only time they will be offered for this amazing price!   Every bundle you buy will support each of the designers, including myself and will allow us all to keep being able to bring you more of the designs you love!   If you only want to purchase my Therizinosaurus dinosaur patterns then you can get them on their own in my Etsy Shop here.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post about my Therizinosaurus dinosaurs and that you are as excited about the 30 days of Cozy project as I am!

See you next week,

Vicky x

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