Spring Strawberry Crochet

My children love strawberries, they are one of their favourite fruits and now the weather is warming up we have been enjoying eating them.  I decided a while ago that I wanted to make Lily a strawberry based cardigan but I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to do it.  This week I finally sat down and came up with an idea and worked on it, however, it ended up nothing like I originally imagined, but I love it.

Strawberry CardiganI originally wanted it to be long sleeved and button up the whole way down.   I was going to do strawberry rows for the entire cardigan and make it mostly white.   I didn’t have enough white at home to make anything with so looking at the colours I did have enough of it has become mostly purple with green edging plus, of course, the strawberries.

After having worked a couple of rows I realised this had to be worked from the bottom up to make the strawberries the right way up.  After having worked 3 rows of strawberries my design idea began to change, I felt that anymore strawberry rows might end up being too many and so I stopped and ended up making 4 pieces.   Having the top and bottom in different stitches it made sense to only have it half buttoned up.  Once I had gotten to putting the parts together I loved the look of the short sleeves and just decided to give them a simple edge.

Its a little bit smaller than I would have liked it to be for Lily, it fits but won’t last her long, but the pattern is easy to adjust to make it larger so I might make her another one if she outgrows it before the end of summer.  Overall I am pleased with how it came out and she seems to like it too.

To continue the strawberry fun this week, I made Oliver the cuddly strawberry he’s been asking for.   He knows where I keep my wool and so he has been pulling out the red wool and asking for me to make it into a cuddly strawberry for him.

Stella the StrawberryThe strawberry is a fairly simple pattern with arms and legs that are made first and attached as you go along.   The complicated part is, like the strawberry cardigan, working with multiple colours as you go.   I have found the easiest way to do this is to trap the wool under every other stitch as you go so you don’t see the wool at the front.   Since the spots are only used every couple of rows it doesn’t need to be carried too much and is not too difficult to use.

I couldn’t find a way to attach as you go the eyes or top leaves (made with crocodile stitch) so there is some sewing involved but it’s not too much since I really hate that part of crochet!   I finished the strawberry late one evening so Oliver didn’t get it until the following morning, but he has been carrying it around with him everywhere and strawberry has to do everything he does.  He named his strawberry Stella (after the spaceship in Miles from Tomorrow Kids TV program) and really seems to love her.

If you would like to make your own Strawberry Cardigan or Stella the Cuddly Strawberry then click on the links to find the patterns.  As with all my patterns I would love to see pictures of anything you decide to make and you can post them in the comments or on any of my social media profiles.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Strawberry post and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Vicky X

2 thoughts on “Spring Strawberry Crochet”

  1. Miss Vicky I love both of the deaigns!!! I will have to give the strawberry a go! Strawberries are y little one’s fave!! I think the little sweater is fabulous! It would look neat as well as a sleeveless version with a hood! You are very creative!!! Great job!!

    1. Hi thanks for your comments! I will definitely look into doing a hooded version too! Enjoy making the strawberry!

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