Winter Crochet Snowflake Dress & Headband

This week I want to share with you another of my Winter Collection clothing that I made for Lily, the Winter Snowflake Dress & Matching headband.   These were actually made before the cardigan I shared with you last week.

I have had in mind for quite a while now that I wanted to create a mixed media dress.   Ever since I started lining crocheted bags with my sewing machine this idea has been playing around in my head.   I wanted to create a dress that has a crocheted top and a fabric bottom.   I love creating crocheted dresses, but when they are all made out of yarn they do have a tendency to be very heavy, which a child may not like and therefore not wear.   This is especially  a problem the larger and longer the dress gets, or the warmer you want it, especially for winter items.  Having the top crocheted and the bottom fabric seemed to solve this idea.

I had bought a few balls of the fancy yarn that Aldi had on special earlier this year and I knew I wanted to use the sparkly silver for this dress.   Its perfect for winter and reminds me of the snowflakes sparkling on the trees.   When paired with the amazing blue and white spotted fabric I found in my local hobbycraft it worked perfectly.  Even the snowflake yarn I picked up at Aldi the same day I was working on the dress fitted perfectly with the colour scheme and all seemed to bring this dress together.

Snowflake Dress & HeadbandThe top portion is crocheted in half double crochet and is made where you divide the sleeves as you go.   Its quite a simple top nothing fancy in the stitching, I really wanted the yarn to be the star of this piece.   The sleeves are short, I wanted to give options to allow a top worn underneath, or a cardigan over the top or both or neither depending on the situation it was worn in.   The back of the dress has a opening which is closed by a small button to enable the dress to easily be put on and off.   To complete the silver section there is a row of edging in the snowflake (blue and white) yarn which just works perfectly.   I also used this yarn to create a snowflake motive to put on the dress to remind you that it is a winter piece.   The pattern I used for the snowflake is the same as in the snowflake cardigan, the motive found on Attic24’s blog, this is then sewn to the dress.

Once the crocheted portion of the dress was finished, I had to figure out the skirt part.   Like a lot of little girls, Lily loves it when she is able to twirl with a dress on and make the skirt float around her, sothis dress had to have a circle skirt on the bottom to enable her to do this.   After figuring out the measurements needed, creating the circle skirt was a lot easier than I imagined it to be and within about 20 mins the skirt was cut out and ready to be sewn to the top.   I had found some amazing silver thread for my sewing machine, which was perfect for this project.   I used it to sew the crocheted top to the material skirt, and also to hem the bottom of the dress too.   I used my sewing machine to sew both parts of the skirt and it really did make it quick and easy.   However, they could just as easily be sewn by hand if you have neat stitching or no sewing machine to hand.

Once the dress was finished I immediately knew it needed an accessory to just finish it off and what better for a little girl than a headband.   This was constructed similarly to the dress, using the silver yarn as the base and finishing the details with the snowflake yarn.   It only took about 30 mins to make the headband and probably only around 4-5 hours to complete the dress, which has got to be one of the quicker clothing projects I have ever made.  Lily loves her dress and headband and so do I.   The colours all work perfectly together and really give it the lovely winter snowflake feel I was going for.   I love the simplicity of the dress and how light weight it is with the fabric bottom and I definitely intend to make more dresses with a crocheted top and fabric base.   In fact I have a Christmas idea floating in my head right now.

If you would like to make your own Snowflake dress and headband, then you can find the pattern for a child around age 4-5 here. I’ll be working on a post on how to adjust sizing for clothing early next year, so if you want a different size, then watch this space.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and will join me next week for more crocheted projects,

Vicky x

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