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Today is the final week of Cosy Crochet’s Christmas month and I am finishing off with, I think, my favourite Christmas pattern for this year, my Santa.   Like Cookie the Elf, he is fully posable and I think that’s part of his charm, but I just love how cute this Santa is. He has everything a Santa needs, a red coat with a white fluffy trim, matching trousers and hat, complete with bobble on the end, black boots and belt, a cute little nose and a big round belly, plus a super fluffy beard.

Santa is constructed in a very similar manner to Cookie the Elf, partly because they are both posable, but also because they are both dolls and if a pattern works why completely change it right?  Santa however, has much, much more detail than Cookie and I think its these details which really make me love him.   I could never have created Santa a year ago, I just didn’t know then what I know now.   I hadn’t even heard of surface crochet until this summer and now I absolutely love it!  Santa uses a lot of surface crochet.  His hat is attached using it, so is his beard, he boot and arm cuffs use it as does a lot of the details on his coat.   In fact I think all Santa’s little details use it, it gives definition and textures especially as its combined with the really fluffy yarn you can get.

I decided to work all the white on Santa using a combination of yarn, so its actually two stranded, one strand of chunky yarn in white (well off white actually as they were out of pure white when I ordered it) and 1 strand of the really fluffy snowflake yarn that sirdar make.   I really wanted the fluffy yarn but it can be a pain to work with, adding a normal strand combats this problem slightly and the stitches are slightly easier to see than they otherwise would be.  But it also brings the thickness up a little as the fluffy yarn is just not as thick as the chunky yarn I used for the rest of Santa which makes him work so well.   The thickness of the chunky yarn combined with a 4mm hook is really what makes him so stable that allow him to sit up unaided when combined with the doll joints which make him completely posable.

Crochet SantaSanta uses 1 ball of red chunky yarn and about a quarter of a ball of each of the white and black and half a ball of the fluffy white yarn.   In fact if you bought two balls of red and 1 of everything else you

would easily be able to make a pair of Santa’s, and since they only took a couple of evenings to make there is still plenty of time to make 1, 2 or as many as you would like to add to your Christmas decorations.   His ability to move his limbs means Santa can sit in a window, or climb the stairs or even hang off the tree if you wanted him too.   He can stand, although he does need support for this as he isn’t really heavy enough.   If you wanted to change this you could probably fill up his legs with something like a bag of rice and then he may well stand up too (although please note, I haven’t tested this so it may not work!)

The pattern for Santa is completely FREE and you can get it here, so there really is no reason why everyone shouldn’t have their own cuddly Santa in their house this Christmas!  Don’t forget to show off your pictures on my social media channels if you make one.

See you next week,

Vicky x

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