Polar Playmat Series – Sally the Seal

In the penultimate release of the Polar Playmat Series, we welcome Sally the Seal to the group.   Sally, like her friends, is made from Paintbox Simple Aran Yarn* in Misty grey and a 3mm hook.

Sally the SealSally is primarily made in one piece from her head down to her tail, although the actual tail flipper and side flippers are made separately from 2 pieces joined together and sewn on.   Her neck uses short row shaping to allow her to look more like a seal!   I have made Sally a couple of times, and in order to get her to stand up independently the placement and direction of the front flippers is key.   I would advise pinning them on and adjusting placement before sewing.  However, I did discover that you can counter any mistakes with a few stitches sewing the head to the back, although I prefer not to do this if at all possible.

I have actually made a couple of versions of Sally, Sally in Misty grey with darker grey spots, Sally in just the Misty grey and also a white Sally (the cuddly version) and I love her in all 3 forms.   I think she represents different variations of seals, and in the cuddle version in white she really reminds me of the fluffy baby seals.  The cuddle version was made using the Aldi baby yarn (although any blanket type yarn would work) in white and a 6mm hook.

If you would like to make your own Sally the Seal, then you can find her FREE pattern here.  As with my other patterns, if you would prefer the ad free, printable pdf version, then you can find it in my Etsy store for a small fee here.   Don’t forget to look out for the video tutorial for Sally coming soon.Polar Playmat

I look forward to seeing any Sally’s you decide to make, so please feel free to post them on my social media sites.   I hope you have enjoyed this post about Sally, and please join me next time for the final release of the Polar Playmat Series and my personal favourite – Roxy the Rockhopper Penguin!

Vicky x

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