Polar Playmat Series – Roxy the Rockhopper Penguin

Today marks the final pattern in my Polar Playmat Series, and I am pleased to end this series with my overall favourite pattern.   Since I was a small girl I have loved penguins and my favourite of all the penguins is the Rockhopper Penguin.   In fact it was this penguin which inspired my whole Polar Playmat idea.   So please let me introduce you to Roxy the Rockhopper Penguin.Roxy the Rockhopper Penguin

Not only is Roxy my favourite Penguin, but I actually think I like her pattern the best too.   There is pretty much only 1 end that needs sewing in her which is something that I am sure by now you know I love!   Roxy, like Penny the Polar Bear, features join as you go limbs, so her feet, wings (which are made of 2 parts joined together) and beak are all made in advance and are joined at the appropriate times.   Like Naomi the Narwhal, Roxy has a colour change where her belly is a lighter colour, so she also uses rows around her middle rather than carrying over or cutting the colours.

What is different about Roxy’s pattern is I worked her from the bottom to the head, normally I would work in reverse, but she just seemed to need to be started at the bottom.   Finally once her head is finished she has the classic yellow feathers attached to the top of her head.   I have tried to match the colours I used as closely as possible to that of the Rockhopper, which is why she has pink feet, orange beak and red eyes.   Like her friends Roxy is worked in Paintbox Simply Aran Yarn* (purchase from Love Crochet) and a 3mm hook, although she is the only toy to use coloured safety eyes.

I have also made a cuddly version of Roxy using Aldi’s baby yarn, although I couldn’t get the colours to match as well, I used blue, white and yellow, and like this she reminds me of the little blue penguins, but with the feathers over her eyes still – maybe she is a mix breed like this!   I think it would therefore be easy to adapt her pattern to create most different types of penguin by changing colours and omitting the feathers if needed.   However, my favourite will always be the Rockhopper.

Polar PlaymatIf you would like to make your own Roxy the Rockhopper Penguin (and why wouldn’t you?) then you can find her FREE pattern here.   If you would prefer it to be an ad free, printable pdf, then it is available for a small fee in my Etsy store here.

I hope that you enjoy making Roxy and please feel free to show off any pictures of her (or anyone else from the Polar Playmat Series) on my social media channels.   Don’t forget to look out for Roxy’s video tutorial coming next week on my youtube channel.

Thankyou for joining my on my Polar journey and please do join me next week for something completely different.

Vicky x

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