Polar Playmat Series – Penny the Polar Bear

I am very excited to launch my Polar Playmat Series this week.   I came up with this concept over Christmas and have been working hard since then to bring it to you.   The Polar Playmat fits in perfectly with all the wintery weather we have had recently, but without any of the actual cold!

Penny the Polar BearThe playmat features 4 toys; a Narwhal, Rockhopper Penguin, Seal and a Polar Bear, 4 of my favourite polar living animals.   Whilst they don’t all strictly live in the same place in the wild, I decided to bring them together for this series.   Also as part of the series is the small igloo toy to complete the winter look which you can place on the icy area of the playmat.   Plus there are plenty of fish to eat in the sea for all these creatures.   Finally I made a colour coordinating bag to store all of the playmat pieces in.

Over the course of the next 5 blog posts, I am going to be releasing each of the written patterns to you for FREE, and on the alternating weeks you will also get a video tutorial available on my youtube channel.   This week I will be beginning with Penny the Polar Bear.

Anyone who has followed this blog for a while will know I prefer to sew as little as possible in  my patterns and Penny is no exception.   See features join as you go limbs and therefore only requires the final end to be sewn into her.   I have actually worked up 2 versions of Penny.   Firstly, the smaller version who matches the playmat perfectly is worked in aran yarn on a 3mm hook, but also the more cuddly sized Penny who was worked up using blanket yarn (aldi baby yarn) and a 6mm hook, who can be made on her own or with her more cuddly friends.

Polar PlaymatYou can find the FREE pattern for Penny the Polar Bear by clicking on the link.   If you are not familiar with join as you go limbs, then I have a video tutorial which maybe helpful to you here.  You can also purchase the ad free, printable version of this pattern in my Etsy store for a small amount if you prefer.

I hope that you enjoy making Penny over the next couple of weeks, and do look out for her video tutorial coming next Wednesday.   As always I would love to see pictures of your finished toys, so please feel free to share them on my social media platforms.

See you in 2 weeks with another of Penny’s friends from the Polar Playmat Series.

Vicky x

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