Polar Playmat Series – Naomi the Narwhal

Given how the huge amount of snow we have been having recently in UK (I have never experienced this much in my life) the Polar Playmat Series seems quite appropriate.   Joining the Polar conditions this week is Naomi the Narwhal.

Naomi the NarwhalWhilst I say that Narwhals are one of my favourite Polar animals, I actually didn’t really know all that much about them.   Therefore, before I created Naomi I actually did a bit of research.   It turns out that male Narwhals have the tusks (which are actually canine teeth) and females very rarely do.   In fact if a female does, its usually 2 twisted together and this was the basis of designing Naomi.      I also discovered that Narwhals change colour throughout their life, being born white, changing to a deep blue when they are youngsters and ended up a grey spotted colour as they grow into adulthood.   Their bellies are usually a lighter version of their top colour.  Its actually pretty hard to find a picture of a young Narwhal and so that sort of set my imagination off and as a result Naomi came to life.

Naomi is made using Paintbox Simply Aran* (I bought mine from Love Crochet) in Midnight blue and Seafoam blue, with a champagne white tusk.  Her tusk is made from Romanian Point Lace Cord and has a pipecleaner running through it to keep it rigid.   In addition Naomi is worked half in the round and half in rows going back and forth changing colour.   This has allowed me to create a clean colour change with minimal sewing and without continually cutting or carrying the yarn through her body.   Her tail and fins are made with 2 pieces each and joined together before being sewn on.

Polar PlaymatIt only takes a couple of hours to make Naomi and I really love how she looks.   I have also made a more cuddly sized Naomi and she was very quickly claimed by Oliver who shares my love of whales.  The nice thing about her pattern is that all I needed to do to get the larger size was use blanket yarn (I used aldi’s baby yarn in blue and white) and a 6mm hook.

The pattern for Naomi, like Penny can be found for FREE here.  If you would prefer to purchase the ad free, printable pdf pattern then it can be found in my Etsy store for a small price here.   Also watch out for the video tutorial for Naomi coming out next week.

As usual I would love to see any pictures of Naomi the Narwhal that you make, so please feel free to post them on my social media channels (you can find them in the buttons to the right.)   I hope that you enjoy making Naomi, and join me next time for the release of the Playmat, including igloo and storage bag.

Vicky x

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