Patchwork Ocean Baby Blanket

This week I want to share with you the last in my Ocean Themed Crochet Projects, the Patchwork Ocean Baby Blanket.   I have had a couple of friends who have had babies (or a due babies) this year and I always love the excuse the design a cute baby blanket and toy.   This particular friend knew she was having a boy and so I knew I wanted to play around with blue colours to create this blanket.   Having done a couple of Dinosaur Baby Blankets last year I wanted to create something different and so I ended up with a nautical theme.

I decided to go with a patchwork blanket as this is something I haven’t made in a long time and I have never created a patchwork blanket for a boy either.   I picked out a couple of blue colours to match in with white which would create the base for the blanket and then added some bright colours to use to create the ocean animals to go on top.   I knew I wanted all the sea creatures to look quite different so I didn’t want to go for 2 different whales or a whale and a shark as they all look similar.   After a lot of thinking I settled on the animals I wanted to create; whale, dolphin, octopus, crab, fish, seahorse, starfish, manta ray and turtle.   I picked out red, yellow, navy blue, green, purple and grey to create the motives which were to go on the squares.

Originally I had in mind to complete the whole blanket in Tunisian Crochet with each square being a graph, but since they were all the be mini pictures, I found sticking to squares only difficult to allow the animals to looks like what they should be.  So I ended up abandoning this plan.   Instead, I decided to make squares and then applique the animals on afterwards and this gave me much more flexibility to create the sea creatures as I wanted.   The Squares I ended up making a rectangle shape and using Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch (a stitch

that has quickly become a favourite of mine) to create and I really love the background texture this gives the blanket.

Once the squares were made I set about creating the motives, some of which were quick to make and was created in more or less one piece, like the starfish and others which were more complicated to make and had several parts like the octopus.   I made each applique one at a time and sewed in one its square before making the next one.   This broke up the sewing part for me, which I like the least and lasted as much as a couple of hours for some of the appliques.    The applique I am most proud of though is the yellow Tang Fish.   I love how this came out, it has a great shape and the fins really do look light and like they are moving.

To finish off the blanket, I surface slip stitches the squares together in a lighter blue colour and worked two rounds of single crochet around the edge before finishing off with the border.   For the longest time I have wanted to use the Candy Cane border for a blanket, but it just hasn’t worked out as I either didn’t have enough Ocean Patchwork Baby Blanketyarn at the end, or it didn’t work with the design.   This time however, it works perfectly.  In the blues and white mix I think it really looks like a rippling ocean around the edge and really finishes this blanket off.

I don’t just like making a baby blanket though, I feel like they need a small comforter or rattle toy to go with them and this time I wanted to create a rattle toy.   I picked out one of the blue colours and eventually settled on making an octopus toy.   I know I have seen loads of posts about the positive effect they have on premature babies so I figured they should be great for a normal baby too.   It only took a couple of hours to make the octopus and before I completely stuffed it I added a rattle inside.   I don’t actually have a rattle so I just used the inside of a kinder egg and filled with with small beads which makes a soft rattle sound, perfect for a small baby.

Although I originally designed this blanket for a boy, I actually think it would be really cute for a girl too.  If like me you would like to make this Patchwork Ocean Baby Blanket and Octopus Rattle for a baby you know is coming soon, then you can find the pattern for them for FREE here.   And as always, please feel free to share the pictures of this blanket or any of my other designs on social media.

See you next week for another baby blanket and comforter set featuring elephants.

Vicky x

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