Sealife Blanket Sealife Blanket

This is the pattern for the sealife blanket.  It uses quite a few different stitches and the turtles, star fish and pirate ship are sew on to the blanket once made. 


  • 60 balls of DK Womens Institute Soft and Cuddly Blue Stripes (50g)
  • 50g ball of DK wool in each brown, red, white, blue, yellow and green
  • 4mm hook
  • Needle


  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Ch – chain
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Sc inc – single crochet increase
  • Trc – treble crochet
  • Dtrc – double treble crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Dc inc – double crochet increase
  • Dc dec – double crochet decrease
  • C2C – Corner to Corner
  • Ripple Stitch – 4 Dc, 2 dc inc, 4 dc, 2 dc dec
  • Crab stitch – reverse single crochet
  • Popcorn Stitch – There are 3 popcorn stitches in this pattern;
    • DC popcorn – 5 Dc in same stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook in 1st dc and then through loop, ch1
    • Trc popcorn – 6 trc in same stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook in 1st dc and then through loop, ch1
    • Dtrc popcorn – 8 dtrc in same stitch, pull up a loop, insert hook in 1st dc and then through loop, ch1

 Blanket – The blanket is worked in ripple stitch (see above) using the blue stripe wool.

Row Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 240 + 3 for the first Dc
2 Then work 158 rows of ripple stitch
Change to blue and work border
3 Starting in the corner *2dc, ch2, 2dc then to make the blanket edge square – (2dc, 2 hdc, 4sc, 2hdc, 2dc) rep to end of row then 2dc, ch2, 2dc in corner, sc along straight edge.*  Repeat * to * to
4 Sc around with 2sc ch2 2sc in corners
5 crab stitch around with 2 sc in corners

Pirate Ship

This is worked in several parts the main hull is worked in 3 parts, then the sail post is worked separately to the two sails.

Hull sides– in brown

Row Instruction Stitches
1 The two edges are worked as separate pieces in c2c stitch
2 Work 9 rows of c2c increasing only

Main Hull – in brown

  • Main hull – this is a rectangle c2c piece – follow the chart below for the positioning of the windows, which I have done in black.  It is 9 rows wide and 22 rows long.
    Pirate Ship Grid

To put the hull together, sc with wrong sides together along each of the joins.

Row Instruction Stitches
1 Then starting in the top left stitch, 3 dc in each c2c square along the entire hull.   ch3 and turn
2 dc in each stitch, ch6 turn
3 dc in 4th ch from hook, then dc in 2 remaining chs, dc along entire hull, ch 6 turn
4 dc in 4th ch from hook and dc in remaining chs the sl st in next dc and cast off
5 in black sc around entire edge with 2 sc in corners

Sail Post 

Row Instruction Stitches
1 This is worked in brown with 18 rows long and 2 rows wide of c2c stitch.
2 Then work 1 row of sc around the outside of the post with 2 sc in the corners


Row Instruction Stitches
1 Sails are also worked in c2c stitch.  They are 15 rows of c2c stitch starting in white for 3 rows and then switching to red for 3 rows.  This pattern is repeated for the remaining rows
2 Then 1 round of sc is worked in black with 2 sc in the corners
To put sails together
3 in black sc sail and sail post together with right sides facing
4 repeat for second sail
5 finally sc sail post to middle of hull with right sides facing
6 sew in any ends and sew pirate ship for sealife blanket.

Turtle (make 5 in green)

Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in magic circle 6
2 (sc inc) x6 12
3 (sc inc, sc) x6 18
4 (sc inc, 2sc) x6 24
5 (sc inc, 3sc) x6 30
6 (sc inc, 4sc) x6 36
7 dtrc popcorn st, 5sc, trc popcorn st, 5sc, trc popcorn st, 5sc, dc popcorn st, 5sc, trc popcorn st, 5sc, trc popcorn st, 5sc
sl st and cast off, sew in ends and sew turtles to the sealife blanket.

Starfish (make 5 in yellow)

Row Instruction Stitches
1 5sc in magic circle 5
2 (sc inc) x 5 10
3 (sc inc) x10 20
4 (sc hdc dc trc ch2, trc dc hdc sc) in next 2 stitches – repeat 5 times around edge of circle
cast off and sew starfish to the blanket.
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