Rainbow Crochet Granny Stripe Summer Dress Rainbow Granny Dress Age 2-3

  1. Materials and Resources
  • 3mm hook
  • 4ply/Sport weight yarn 60g of each colour (I used Women’s Institute Soft and silky in Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Pale Blue, Lilac and White)
  • 3 14mm buttons in red
  • Needle to sew in ends 
  1. Stitch List
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • trc – treble crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • Shell Stitch – *5Dc in same stitch, Skip 3, sc, skip 3* rep from * to *
  • Granny Stitch – *3 DC in same stitch, ch1, sk 1* rep from * to *
  1. Notes


  • 6 Granny Clusters wide and 12 rows long in a 10cm square


  • This is to fit approximately age 2-3 however, it is easy to adjust the size by increasing or decreasing the starting chain in multiples of 6 .
  • You need to have an even number of clusters in the body to make the points on the square evenly spaced.
  • You can extend the amount of rows in the body and skirt as required to increase the length of the dress.
  • It helps keep everything looking even if you turn at the end of each row.
  • Work 2 stripes of each colour in the body and 4 stripes of each colour in the skirt portion ( you can adjust this if you make the skirt longer.)  
  1. Pattern Starting at the top in red 
Row Instruction
1 ch 108, sl st to form a ring, ch 2
2 2 DC in same st as ch2, ch1, sk 2 stitches, *3DC in same stitch, ch1, sk 2* rep to end of round and sl st into the top of the ch2 and turn
3 2 DC in same st as ch2, ch1, *#3DC in ch1 sp, ch1, sk 2* rep to end of row and sl st into the top of ch2 and turn
4-5 rep row 3 in pink
6-7 rep row 3  in yellow
8-9 rep row 3  in green
10-11 rep row 3 in turquoise
12-13 rep row 3 in pale blue
14-15 rep row 3 in lilac
16 in red ch2, 2DC in same stitch, ch 1 *(3DC in ch1 sp, ch2, 3DC in same ch1 sp to form a corner), [ch1, 3DC in ch1 sp] 8 times*, rep * to * 2 more times then (3DC in ch1 sp, ch2, 3DC in same ch1 sp to form final corner), [ch1, 3DC in ch1 sp] 7 times and sl st in starting ch2 and turn
17 in red work as row 16 with a corner in every ch2 sp and a 3DC in each ch1 sp
18-19 Rep row 17 in red
20-23 Rep row 17 in pink
24-27 Rep row 17 in yellow
28-31 Rep row 17 in green
32-35 Rep row 17 in turquoise
36-39 Rep row 17 in pale blue
40-43 Rep row 17 in lilac
44 in white, sc in each dc and sc in each ch1 sp, sl st into beginning of row and ch1
45 shell stitch row -* sc, sk3, 5DC in sc, sk3* rep to end and cast off

 Neck edge

Row Instruction
1 in white sc around (1sc in each 3dc cluster and 3sc in each ch2 gap, sl st to join and ch 1
2 shells stitch row – *sc, sk3, 5DC in sc, sk 3* rep to end and cast off

Straps – Making sure you work out where the front is (it is best to fold the dress in half (see image below) and position the straps from there, I used 3 shells for the arm space)

Row Instruction
1 attach each main colour to the inside of the base of a shell with a sl st and then ch 49 (it is easiest to to this part for all 7 colours and pulling up a long loop and cutting the strand of yarn before proceeding)
2 Once you have all 7 colours ch then you need to twist the strands together, then holding the chains twisted, sl st each end to the opposite base of the shell on the inside of the dress.
3 Sew in all ends (it doesn’t matter if you can see the strands showing through the shell as a flower and button will go in front)

 Flower (make 2)

Row Instruction
1 In white ch4 and sl st to form a ring, ch3
2 sc in ring, *ch2, sc in ring* rep 3 more times and then sl st in to starting ch at the base to form 5 loops
3 *sc, ch2 trc, ch2, sc* rep 4 more times in each loop
4 *sc, hdc in ch2 sp, DC ch2 DC in trc, hdc, sc in ch2 sp, sl st into sc from previous round* rep 4 more times in each loop
cast off sew in ends and attach to the front of each strap

sew red button in the middle of the flower to finish the dress

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