Stella the Cuddly Strawberry Stella the Strawberry

  1. Materials and Resources
  • 4.5mm hook
  • Aran wool in red and green, less than 100g of each
  • small odds of Aran wool in yellow, black and white
  • stuffing
  • stitch marker
  • needle
  1. Stitch List
  • sc – single crochet
  • sc inc – single crochet increase
  • sc Dec – single crochet decrease
  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • DC – double crochet
  • bpdc – back post double crochet
  • crocodile stitch
  1. Notes
  • Do not join rounds with slip stitch, you can use a stitch marker instead to mark rounds.
  • The arms and legs are joined as you go so make these first.
  • When working with the yellow wool carry the row under every other stitch to prevent it being seen from the front
  •  It is best to change colour on the final pull through loop of the stitch before you need the new colour. 
  1. Pattern

Legs (make 2) – Using Green

Row Instruction Stitches
1 (Sc inc) X 6 6
2 (Sc inc) X 6 12
3 (sc inc, sc) x6 18
4-5 Sc around 18
6 (sc Dec, sc) x6 12
7-14 Sc around 12
Sl st, cast off and stuff leg

Arms (make 2) – Using green

Row Instruction Stitches
1 (Sc inc) X 6 6
2 (Sc inc) X 6 12
3-4 Sc around 12
5 (sc Dec, sc) X 8
6-10 sc around
sc around (8) sl st cast off and stuff arm

Body – using red unless it states to use yellow

Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in magic circle 6
2 (sc inc) x6 12
3 sc around 12
4 (sc inc, sc) x6 18
5 sc around 18
6 (sc inc, 2sc) x6 24
7 sc around 24
8 (sc inc, 3sc) x6 30
9 sc around 30
10 sc inc, 4 sc, (hold leg so the open edge is flat and against the side of the strawberry, using the next 6 stitches you will work through both sides of the leg and the strawberry body to attach it) attach leg with sc inc, 4sc, (sc inc, 4sc) x2, attach second leg with sc inc, 4 sc, sc inc 4 sc 36
11 (5 sc in red, sc in yellow) x6 36
12 (sc inc, 5sc) x6 42
13 Sc around 42
14 sc inc, 6sc) x6 48
15 5sc in red, sc in yellow, (7sc in red, sc in yellow) x5, 2sc in red 48
16 (Sc inc, 7sc) x6 54
17 sc around 54
18 (sc inc, 8sc) x6 60
19 3sc in red, sc in yellow, (9sc in red, sc I’m yellow) x5, 60
20 sc around 60
21 17 sc, attach arm with 4sc (as you attached legs), 28sc, attach second arm with 4sc, 8sc 60
22 sc around 60
23 2sc in red, sc in yellow, 6sc in red, sc in yellow, 12sc in red, sc in yellow, 9sc in red, sc in yellow, 8 sc in red, sc in yellow, 9sc in red, yellow sc, 9 sc in red 60
24-26 Sc around 60
27 (sc Dec, 8sc) x6 54
28 (sc Dec, 7sc) x6 48
29 (sc dec, 6sc) x6 42
30 (sc Dec, 5sc) x6 36
31 (sc Dec, 4sc) x6 30
32 (sc Dec, 3sc) x6 24
33 (sc Dec, 2sc) x6 18
Stuff Strawberry
34 (sc Dec, sc) x6 12
35 (sc Dec) x6 6
cast off and sew shut

Leaves – in green

Row Instruction Stitches
ch 38
1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and every ch to end 37
2 dc in next stitch, (ch3, Sk 3, 2dc) rep to end, ch 1 turn
3 crocodile stitch – (5bpdc down the 1st DC then 5bpdc up the second DC to form leaf shape) rep to end ch1 turn
4 sl st into centre of leaf and then sl st into ch2 gap, ch3 DC, (ch 2, 2dc in next ch2 gap) rep to end of last ch2 gap, ch1 turn
5 crocodile stitch as row 4
sl st into 1st leaf to make a ring and the cast off with long tail
weave tail between centre gaps and ch2 spaces and draw tight, then sew sides together and attach to the strawberry

Eyes (make 2)

Row Instruction Stitches
1 In black – 6sc  in magic 6
2 In white (Sc inc) x6 12
sl st cast off and attach to strawberry

Using black sew a smile on the cuddly strawberry.


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