Mother & Daughter Crochet Hats

This week I would like to share with you my Mother & Daughter Crochet Hats.   I didn’t specifically set out to make matching hats for Lily and myself, it just sort of happened.   I was actually trying out different stitches for a hat for myself using the 2 purple balls of chunky wool I had in my stash.   In fact the initial ideas I had are nothing like the finished product but I am very pleased with these hats.

They are mostly worked in single crochet with a ribbed band at the bottom and 2 decorative stitch bands spread across the hat.   I recently learnt puff stitch and thought this would go great in a hat, plus I love the wintery effect the star stitch adds to the hat.   Then to finish it off they have a double layer flower attached, which due to the continuous design of the hat can be changed to the left or right sides depending on what you feel like wearing that day.

The chunky wool makes the hat super warm and having the same design as Lily means she is actually more likely to wear a hat if it is the same as Mummy’s!  Of course, having made us both a hat Oliver decided he needed one too, and set me the challenge of a dinosaur hat, but I shall share that with you another time.

Mother & Daughter HatsIf you want to make your own Mother & Daughter Crochet hats, then you can find the pattern by clicking on the link.   You will need 100g of chunky wool per hat you make and they come in 3 different sizes, adult, child and toddler.   The hats shown are in the adult and toddler sizes.   The link is to the written pattern, however I will be uploading the video tutorial on my You Tube channel next Wednesday so be sure to check that out.

Unfortunately due to the huge amount of rain we have had here, I have been unable to get a good picture of us both wearing our hats outside, however, this one should give you an idea of what it looks like.

I hope you like the Mother & Daughter Crochet Hats as much as I have, see you in 2 weeks for more crochet fun.

Vicky x

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