Mix and Match Crochet Hair Bows – Part 3

This week is the third and final installment in the hair bow series and I will be sharing with you my 6 motif patterns to personalize your bows.   (You can find the patterns for the bows here; Part 1, Part 2) These motifs really add something special to the hair bows and you can have fun deciding on the colours they will be and on what bow you will add them.   The designs include, unicorns, mermaid tails, flowers, a little rainbow and cloud, a polar bear and a heart.   These designs were worked in 4 ply cotton and although you could work them using a larger cotton, the smaller ply allows the details to be seen easier.

Now you have all the patterns for the bows and the motifs I can’t wait to see how you mix and match them, and what colours you choose to make them in.   The way I have them is only a fraction of the number of different bows these can be used to make.   When you make them I would love to see the pictures of them so don’t forget to share them on my social media sites and use the hashtag #mixandmatchhairbows, which combination will you make first.   If you prefer the ad free pdf version of this pattern then you can find it on my Etsy Store here.

The patterns for the motif’s can be found at the end of this post, but please join me next week to get the pattern for my Honeycomb bow pouch, which is the perfect accessory to store all your new hair bows in.   See you next week,

Vicky x

Mix and Match Hair Bows – Motif’s 

  1. Materials and Resources

Below is a list of everything you will need to make this —

  • DMC Petra size 3 cotton – small amounts in any colours (i used, yellow, white, pink, grey, blue, red and green)
  • Aldi DK sparkly yarn
  • 5mm hook or 5mm hook
  • Small crocodile clips & hot glue
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  1. Stitch List

Below is a list of all the stitches (and their abbreviations) featured in this pattern.  All terms used are American.

  • Sc – single crochet
  • Ch – chain
  • Sc inc – sc increase
  • Sc dec – sc decrease
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • m/c – magic circle
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • f/l – front loops
  • b/l – back loops
  • Bobble – 5dc in same stitch, pull up a loop on last stitch and take out hook, insert hook through 1st stitch, then pull loop through the stitch to complete bobble
  1. Notes

Here are a few handy tips to help you with the pattern.

  • There is no specific gauge for these bows, just work as you like. They may come out a slightly different size to mine but this doesn’t really matter.
  • Once the bows are made then they are glued to the crocodile clips using hot glue in a glue gun. Once cooled they are ready for use.
  • I made the bows in pairs, but you could also just make them for individual use too.
  • Commas are use to divide stitches, if you see instructions that do not have a comma in between then they should be placed in the same stitch.
  • The mix and match bows can be made by making any of the 4 bow options below and then adding any of the motif patterns (or none) to the bows.
  • The bows use up odd amounts of yarn and can be done in most light weight yarns.
  1. Patterns – Bow Motif’s

Unicorn – work in grey




Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c, turn (creates semi circle which forms nose) 6
2 3 sc along flat side of semi circle. Turn 3 9plus 6 in semi circle)
3-6 Sc across, turn (ignore semi circle) 3
7 Ch 3 (creates ear), sc across, ch 5, turn 3
8 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and next 3 chain’s, sc across next 3 sc 7
9 Sc across, turn 7
10 6 sc, sl st to end  


Unicorn Horn – work in pink

Row Instruction Stitches
1 Work 2 sc in stitches before the ch 3 ear, turn 2
2 Sc across, turn 2
3 Sc dec, turn 1
4 Sc and cast off 1


Unicorn Hair – work in pink

Row Instruction Stitches
1 Starting at the bottom of row 10 of the unicorn (sc, ch 5, sc) in same stitch, then repeat this pattern to the end of the row you should have 6 loops in total.  
  Cast off  
  Sew an eye to the unicorn and then sew in ends and sew to the bow.  


Flowers – starting in yellow




Row Instruction Stitches
1 5 sc in m/c 5
2 (sc inc) x 5 10
3 (sc, sc inc) x 5 15
  Change to white  
4 In f/l only (sc hdc, dc dc, hdc sc across 3 stitches) x 5, sl st and ch 3 30
5 In b/l Trc, dc (hdc, sc hdc, dc trc dc) x 4 then hdc, sc hdc and sl st to top of ch 3, cast off 30
  Sew in ends and sew to bow  


Cloud – work in white





Row Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 6, sk ch, 4 sc, 5 sc in end ch, 4 sc up the other side of ch, 4 sc in starting ch, sl st to join 18
2 Hdc dc hdc, sl st, 3 dc, sl st, sl st, hdc dc hdc, sl st, hdc dc hdc, sl st, 3 dc, sl st, sl st, hdc dc hdc, sl st, cast off 26


Rainbow – start in red

Row Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 11, sk ch and sl st down 10
2 In yellow sl st across 10
3 In green sl st across 10
4 In blue sl st across 10
5 In pink sl st across 10
  Sew in all ends and sew to bow, then position cloud over the top of the rainbow slightly and sew in place.  


Mermaid Tail – work in Blue





Row Instruction Stitches
1 Ch 6, sk ch and sc in next 5 ch, turn 5
2-6 Sc across in b/l, turn 5
7 Sc dec, dc, sc dec, in b/l, turn 3
9 Sc across, in b/l, turn 3
10 To form tail – Ch 5, sk ch, sc, hdc, dc, trc, ch 3, sl in middle sc, ch 5, sk ch, sc hdc, dc, trc, sl to top of ch 3,  
  Cast off and sew to bow  


Heart – work in red





Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
2 (sc inc) x 6 12
3 (sc, sc inc) x 6 18
4 Sc hdc, dc, 3 trc, dc, hdc sc, hdc, dc, 2trc dc, dc hdc, sc, sl st, sc, hdc dc, 2trc dc, dc, hdc, sl st  
  Cast off and sew to bow  


Polar Bear head – work in White





Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
2 (sc inc) x 6 12
3 (sc, sc inc) x 6 18
4 Bobble, 3 sc, bobble, sc, sl st and cast off  


Polar Bear nose – work in White

Row Instruction Stitches
1 6 sc in m/c 6
  Sl st and cast off, sew to bear.  
  Add eyes, nose and mouth in black and sew to bow  

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