Maya the Mercorn (Mermaid Unicorn)

Everywhere you look at the moment there seems to be Mermaid and Unicorns and I have created both of these recently.   However, it got me wondering what would happen if I simply chopped the top of the Unicorn Pattern and attached it to the bottom of my Mermaid Pattern and created a Unicorn Mermaid cross, a Mercorn.   So one evening this is exactly what I decided to do.

Crochet Mercorn I started off working with two different colours from my Aldi Baby Yarn collection, a solid pink colour for the mermaid parts and a purple, pink and white variegated colour for the unicorn parts.   (I actually used some of the pink as the contrasting colour on the unicorn parts too).   I used a 6mm hook and 15mm safety eyes and of course some stuffing.   Then taking the patterns from my Unicorns and Mermaids I started to create.  I made my unicorn head first, and I followed the pattern exactly.   I also knew I would need some front legs for the unicorn part and so again I used the unicorn pattern exactly.   Once I had completed this I started to think about the body and tail.

My unicorn body is actually built up from the bottom, whereas the mermaid pattern works from the head down, so this was the first issue to overcome.   In the end I decided to do the body differently from my mermaid pattern so it would work and fit in ok with the unicorn head.   So I actually adapted both patterns into something completely new.   Maya the Mercorns body is worked from the top down and misses out the  tube top the mermaid wears.   Other differences are the stitch, I had used the shell stitch on the mermaid, but I decided to stick to a plain single crochet tail for the Mercorn, given that she already has a magical horn I didn’t feel she needed a fancy tail too.   I  did however add a decorative overhang around her waist for some added detail.  This is made by working single crochets through the stitches already created.   I insert my hook in the right side of the stitch, underneath the stitch and back up on the left side of the stitch and then complete the single crochet.

Maya has the tail from the mermaid pattern and she is finished off with the hair from the original unicorn pattern.   She is fatter than the mermaid

pattern, but she should be really, horses are a lot bigger than humans, however their overal length is the same.   After creating my Mercorn in blanket yarn I also repeated her in the same yarn I made the unicorns from and she looks fab with the really vivid green.   The larger Maya is 18″ long and 7″ wide whilst her smaller sister is 8″ long and 4″ wide.   The larger size is perfect for cuddling in bed and the smaller size is great for taking around with you.   The pattern works whichever size yarn and hook you want to use and I bet she would look great as a smaller size and she could also go swimming in the Mermaid Adventure Bag!

If you would like to make your own Maya the Mercorn then you can find her FREE pattern here.    She doesn’t take too long to make and would make a fab Christmas Present for any Mermaid or Unicorn loving child in your life.   If you do make her, please feel free to share your pictures of her either on my social media channels or on Ravelry.

See you next week for the final Underwater themed blog post.

Vicky x

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