From 60’s Crochet Dress to Crochet Lace Vest Top

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 60’s dress I was trying to create and since then I have shared a couple of updates as it was progressing.  Today, I am pleased to say, it is finished and I am able to share it all with you.   It is nothing like how I originally pictured it in my head when I started to design it, and it is not even a dress anymore, but I am very happy with my first adult top that I have fully designed myself.

As I stated above it is no longer a dress.  I got to a certain point and I just decided it wouldn’t look as good if I made it any longer, so I stopped.   I had intended it to have long sleeves, but they ended up as short sleeves, although having fiddled around with them a great deal, and not being able to get them quite how I wanted, I have decided to leave them off, creating the crochet Lace vest top.  It is made of two main motifs, throughout and a couple of modified motifs at the neckline.   Then I have just used simple half double crochets to finish all the edges.

It isn’t difficult to make any of the motifs for this top, however, it has been a pain putting them together and I have spent a great deal of time taking it apart, probably as much if not more than  making it!   Its a little loose on me and measures 19 inches across (38 inches around) and 23 inches from top of shoulder to the bottom of the top, but is easily adjusted to size by taking out or adding a row or rows of the top and it is probably best to try it on as you go and definitely not to sew in the millions of ends too soon incase you need to adjust as you make it.  I haven’t got a good picture of me wearing it yet, (I am no good at taking selfies) but as soon as I get one I will add it onto my social media pages.

Lacey Vest TopI am just finalizing the pattern and typing it out, but I would love to hear from anyone who would like to pattern test this for me.   It required a 3mm hook and 4 ply wool (I used just under 4 100g balls).   I think it would look lovely in a single colour as well as the rainbow, but if you wanted to use the same I used the Womens Institute Soft and Silky Lilac Mix.   It is written in american crochet terms and will have pictures for reference.  I am not in any particular rush to get the pattern out, so if you are around this month or next and would like to test it then please send me a message, either here, via email or Facebook.   It would be helpful if you can open a PDF file and can chat  via Facebook chat, but I can also used email if needed.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post about my crochet Lace vest top, and I would love to hear from anyone who would like to test the pattern for me.  See you next week.

Vicky x

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    1. Hi, I think I have added you to the group testing chat – let me know if I have not. Thanks for wanting to test this!

    1. Hi, it’s fairly easy to adapt the size if you need to adjust it. If you email me or message me on Facebook we can discuss adapting it further.

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