Knitted Snowflake Winter Cardigan

This week I want to share with you my Knitted Snowflake Winter Cardigan.   This is not something that I planned on making.   This was inspired by the latest release of yarn that Aldi had a couple of weeks ago.  I don’t normally buy their double knit yarn, I find it quite thin and personally don’t really use double knit acrylic much so I wasn’t originally going to get any.   However, I found myself in my local store on release day and I fell in love with it.   It is super soft and the colours are so beautiful and so some found its way into my basket, along with some of the red, white and green mix.   The day I bought it I ended up using it as a trim on a dress (which I will share with you next week), but it inspired me so much to create this winter cardigan and the colours are just perfect for it.  Coincidentally this yarn is named snowflake and this is exactly how this cardigan has come out, like little snowflakes!

Having really enjoyed knitting Oliver’s Pirate Costume I decided to have a go at knitting this one too.   In fact it pretty much uses all the same sort of stitches and ideas, but on much smaller needles.   The difference in knitting with double knit and chunky is quite large!   This took a lot longer to work up and was a lot more fiddly and reminded me why I much prefer to crochet over knit!   That said it has knitted up beautifully.   Parts of the cardigan started to pool without my even trying to get it to do so and I love how this created some lovely snowball effects in amongst the light blue to give the effect of a snowy day!   The back top half even started to give an argyle effect and this has definitely given me the idea to try and make a planned pooling crochet scarf using this yarn when I get some time.

Snowflake cardiganThe edge of this cardigan is done in a double rib stitch and the rest is worked up the usual 1 row of knit and 1 row of purl.   Its made in pieces and joined together.  The part I am most proud of is achieving the rib band along the side and back of the neck of the jumper.   I managed (with the help of a crochet hook) to cast of stitches through the edge of the cardigan and then used my needles with the cable in the middle (I have never actually used them before) to work the edge and I was really pleased with the effect.   I have no idea if this is a normal technique for knitting, or just something I figured out as I have a stronger crochet background but my hook and Tunisian Crochet knowledge definitely helped with this one!   I was especially pleased that I managed to figure out adding button holes to the side band too!

To finish the cardigan off, I added 5 little light blue buttons, which I happened to have in my stash but that paired beautifully with the colours of this yarn.   I also added a snowflake motif on one side of the cardigan in a silver yarn that I picked up in Aldi earlier in the year.   The motif is actually done in crochet ( I am not sure I have the knitting skills to knit one) and is a pattern I found from

blog.   Sometimes there is just no need to design something if someone has already made it exactly how I wanted it to look and this is definitely the case here.   After crocheting it up I simply sewed it on.

Overall I am happy with the cardigan, I think I could have made it a little larger so it would have fitted Lily a little longer, but it fits her nicely and will work for the rest of this winter and she seems to love wearing it.   If you would like to make your own then you can get the pattern for the Knitted Snowflake Winter Cardigan for age 3-4 here.   At some point in the new year, I will look at adding other sizes to some of my clothing designs and I have the idea of doing a blog post on how to adjust the size of clothing to fit whoever you are making it for.   But for now, I hope you enjoy this cardigan in the size it is written.

Join me next week for a matching Winter Dress & Headband.

Vicky x

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