Easter Basket and Bunny

Now that my children are a bit older (3 and 1) I am looking forward to Easter, since they will both be able to participate in a good Easter egg hunt.  I know that the shops sell tons of Easter baskets for putting in your eggs, but that is not anywhere near as fun as making them, which is what I have been doing over the past couple of weeks.  I wanted the baskets to hold their shape and having watched a lot of videos recently about crocheting over led tube lights I thought a similar thing might work with washing line.   So I bought a huge washing line cheaply and along with some of the blanket wool I have left from when Aldi sold it earlier in the year, I decided to see what I could come up with.

I initially made the rainbow Easter basket out of a chunky wool, but decided that it wasn’t quite what I wanted.  I really like it but its quite delicate as it lacks the thickness the blanket wool gives.   I also tried crocheting with just 1 strand of blanket wool, but it was quite wobbly and didn’t hold its shape very well.  I definitely prefer the shape and robustness of the 2 stranded blanket wool baskets, particularly as these are going to toddlers!   I also added a decorative flower or star to the front of the baskets as they just looked like they were lacking without.   I tried two stitches for the baskets, using just standard single crochet and one using moss stitch, which gave it more of the traditional basket weave look.

Easter baskets & BunniesAny Easter Basket needs filling and I wanted something the children would be able to keep in their baskets after all the chocolate had gone.  My initial thought was chicks or bunnies, but since I couldn’t find a fluffy yellow wool to work with for the chicks, I decided to go with bunnies.   Maybe I can work on chicks for next Easter!   I spent quite a bit of time fiddling around with the pattern for the bunny.  I edited almost every part from the initial first design to the final version which I was finally happy with.   Although the white and black bunnies are cute they don’t have ears that hold up very well or are large enough, plus the limbs just seem too small for their body.  After adjusting those I came up with the grey and brown bunnies, and each has a slightly different nose.  I am still not sure which I prefer but they both look cute.

After finishing the baskets and the bunnies to go in them all was needed was a trip to the shops for eggs, and although I could have made them, they wouldn’t be a substitute for chocolate ones.   They each have a small bundle of mini chocolate eggs in them, plus kinder eggs and chocolate chicks.   I have made enough for both my nieces to have as well as my children and I am sure once that chocolate is eaten there will be more eggs to add in them from any hunting they may do!

I have written down the patterns for the Easter Baskets and Bunnies here.  There are still a couple weeks left until Easter so if you haven’t made or purchased anything yet then I hope you can use this pattern and that you will love them as much as I do.   I am looking forward to seeing the children receiving their baskets and bunnies on Easter morning, I am hoping to make bunny foot prints from their bedroom for them to follow to the baskets at the end.

Baskets & bunniesI hope you have enjoyed reading this weeks post, and if you do decide to make some baskets and bunnies, I would love to see pictures of them through either the comments here or any of my social media channels.   See you next time.

Vicky x

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  1. I LOVE the little bunnies Miss Vicky!!! And i think both little noses are absolutely adorable!!!

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