Crochet Snowman Bag, pouch & Cup Cozy

As we approach the penultimate week of Cosy Crochet’s Christmas month, I am very excited to share with you my Crochet snowman gifts.   These are completely unique designs and I absolutely love them.   After I made the crochet Sea Shell Bag (which I can’t believe has become my second best visited pattern ever in a really short amount of time) I wanted to make another fun and unique crochet bag pattern and so randomly one night the idea came from a snowman bag.   But I didn’t want to create a square bag with a snowman image, or a square bag where the snowman is distorted into the shape.   I wanted my bag to look like a snowman.

Crochet Snowman Bag, Pouch and Cup CosyAfter a bit of thought I decided the main bag would be a circle shape and would represent the main body of the snowman and would be complete with the snowman’s buttons.   I wanted the bag to close with a bag flap which would also double up as the snowmans head, so when the bag closed and the flap was closed it would make the snowman complete.   I also wanted him to wear a hat and a scarf and I knew the bag needed to be made in Hobbycraft’s Knitcraft In the Zone yarn, because, well I really love this yarn and I knew it would be perfect for a bag!    I had such a clear vision for this bag that I really didn’t have much trouble executing it at all.

The main bag is made from two circular panels which are joined together with a side to give it a bit more room.   I decided to work this bag holding two strands of yarn together to thicken it up and also so it didn’t take me forever to make it.   I wanted this to be a fun and quick project, not something you get bored of half way through as its taking so long!   The snowman is decorated fairly traditionally with a turquoise scarf and matching hat, which are both made separately and then sewn on, complete with tassels for the scarf.  The snowman has an orange for  a nose and coal eyes and buttons and a black mouth.   In the Zone yarn doesn’t actually come in black, so I used some Bernat Home Dec yarn for the eyes and buttons, which is quite a bit thicker and so only needed one strand.   The bag is fastened with a magnetic bag clasp and is lined in a really cute snowman fabric I found and best of all only needs 1 fat quarter to line the whole bag, including the flap.

After completing the bag I decided I wanted to make a matching pouch for it, which could either contain a phone (its big enough for a smart phone) or some toiletries, whatever is needed really.   The pouch actually ended up being one of those distorted square snowmen types, although I love the fact that it does contain some details, such as they drawstring pulling the top into a more traditional hat shape.   Also the snowman has a loose scarf with tassels to look more 3d.   The pouch was completed in waistcoast stitch, a stitch I have just really been introduced too and have really loved learning.   It imitates a knit looks and works perfectly for this little pouch.   I decided not to line the pouch as there wasn’t really much need.   It would have ended up being a really fiddly task due to its size and thickness and wasn’t likely to hold anything heavy enough for it to stretch.

Just before I finished with the snowmen projects I decided to use the last few scraps of the yarn left from the bag and pouch to make a cup cozy.   Like the pouch its worked in waistcoat stitch, and has a little motif of a snowman sewed onto it.   It just seemed like the perfect little accessory to pop in the bag for when you are out in winter and need to grab that cup of coffee or hot chocolate.   No more burnt hands on the cup and a unique matching accessory to the finished snowman bag!

If you would like to make any of these crochet snowmen projects then you can find the patterns for FREE for them here; Crochet Snowman Bag, Crochet Snowman Drawstring Pouch, Crochet Snowman Cup Cozy.  I hope you enjoy making and using these items as much as I did.   Oh and the picture of the crochet snowman to the right is a larger version of the snowman from the Gingerbread House Adventure Bag, made in Aldi chunky Yarn.   You can get the pattern for him here.

Join me next week for the final week of Christmas Month at Cosy Crochet for the final Christmas pattern, Santa.

Vicky x

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