Crochet Pineapple & Crochet Mandarin – Crochet Tropical Fruits Series

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Crochet Tropical Fruit

This week is the last week of the Crochet Tropical Fruits Series and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.     This week we have our final two new Tropical Fruit patterns for you – Penelope the Pineapple & Melvin the Mandarin.   Both are made from Paintbox Simply Aran yarn in two shades of yellow & green plus orange.  They also both use 10mm safety eyes and some stuffing.  Neither of them use a whole ball of yarn so the rest will be perfect for creating all the Tropical Fruits if you haven’t already done so.

Tropical Fruits
Tropical Fruits
Crochet Pineapple – Penelope

Penelope the Crochet Pineapple was actually the first of the crochet Tropical Fruit I made.  Everywhere I went there were images of flamingos and pineapples and I guess this is what inspired me to make my own pineapple.   She actually took the longest to design as I really wanted her to have texture to her skin to look as close to a real pineapple as possible.   Since pineapples are also a mixture of colour I worked with two different shades of yellow held together.

Penelope is crocheted from the bottom up and is made in one continuous piece, only changing colour for the green leaves at the top of the pineapple.   She uses a technique similar to the apache tears patterns I used on my crochet cushions last year.   All single crochets are made in the back loops leaving the front loops available to place double crochets in at certain angles to create the diamond shape.   It required a bit of fiddling around but I managed to create the look I was after.   The diamonds are then finished off with a spot of brown sewn in the middle to give the effect of the dark spike on pineapples.

You can find both the written pattern and the video tutorial for Penelope the Crochet Pineapple here.

Penelope the Crochet Pineapple
Penelope the Crochet Pineapple
Crochet Mandarin – Melvin

Melvin the Crochet Mandarin is the last of the smaller Crochet Tropical Fruits and should only take around 30-45 minutes to make.   He is made in the round in one piece in a lovely shade of orange.  His mouth and top spot are sewn on afterwards.   I wasn’t initially sure if I was making an orange, satsuma, clementine or Mandarin, but once he was finished and alongside his friends, I think Mandarin seemed most appropriate and definitely the most Tropical.

Here is the written & video tutorial for  Melvin the Crochet Mandarin.

Melvin the Crochet Mandarin

Melvin the Crochet MandarinI hope that you have enjoyed the final section of my Tropical Fruit Series with Penelope the Crochet Pineapple and Melvin the Crochet Mandarin,   Have fun making them and please feel free to share your makes on my Social Media channels.   Join me next week for a completely new Series – the Horse Playbag.

See you next week,

Vicky x

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