Crochet Monsters – Peter the Mini Monster

Peter the Crochet Mini Monster

Peter was the second of the mini monsters I designed.   After making Quince, Oliver was most definite that he needed a mini monster too.   Luckily I had a good selection of Aldi Baby Yarn with me and lots of time to create.   I decided that as much as I love Quince and Frank, a more symmetrical version of this design would be great.    Therefore Peter was made almost identically to Quince but with only 2 of everything, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 ears, 2 eyes and 2 wings.

Oliver chose the colours for Peter (as well as naming him) and he picked out grey glitter colour and a brown colour that actually looks quite gold next to the grey.   The  brown is actually made by James C Brett, but as its slightly thinner than the grey I doubled up on it so the monster didn’t look too odd.   Peters limbs are made first and then joined as you go, except for the wings that are sewn on at the end.

Peter the mini monsterI much prefer the 2 version of this monster as he is more symmetrical but the kids don’t really seem to notice.   They have one of each of these monsters now, since I made more during the testing and video tutorial phase and I’m not sure they have even noticed there is a difference!

If you would like to make Peter, you can find his pattern and video tutorial here.  As Peter is so similar to Quince, this video only shows how to make his body and put him together.   If you need help with the limbs, ears and wings, then please see the video tutorial for Quince.   As usual please share any versions you make and have fun changing up the colours.   I had thought a rainbow monster using a different colour for each part might be fun.

Join me next week when we meet the next mini monster in the series, Paddy.

Vicky x

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