Crochet Monsters – Paddy the Mini Monster

Paddy the Crochet Mini Monster

Paddy is a completely different looking monster, (perhaps he looks more like his Dad?!).   We were staying with the whole family on holiday and so my niece and nephew were also with us too.   I didn’t want to leave them out when making monsters and so Paddy was created for, and named by my niece Holly.

Paddy the Mini MonsterI knew Paddy needed to be a different type of monster, and he is the smallest of the bunch, so I guess the baby!   Paddy only has 1 eye and is pear shaped, although not pear coloured!  Paddy also has join as you go limbs, although they are smaller than those of Quince and Peter.   Paddy was the quickest of all the monsters to create, but I think he maybe my favourite.  He is made with the Aldi baby yarn, which I really love as it feels so soft (which is great for this kind of project) but is also so cheap for what you get.   I really wish they sold it all year round and in every colour!

Paddy, like his brothers, has a written pattern and a video tutorial which you can find here.   Please share any versions of Paddy you make on my social media channels, I would love to see the colour combinations you make.

Join me next week for the final mini monster design, Drop.

Vicky x

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