Crochet Monsters – Frank the Imaginary Monster & Quince the Mini Monster

Frank the Crochet Monster

This week monsters are coming to Cosy Crochet.   The whole monsters theme has been in the pipeline for a little while.   Around Christmas time Lily’s imagination really started to take off, she was about 2 and half at the time.   She would walk around saying her monster was coming, or he was coming to play with her or to stay for dinner.    This went on for a few weeks.   The monster would come everywhere with us and one time she got really upset when she thought we were going home without him.   Seeing this I decided to see if I could get enough information from her to be able to make her monster, so he could come with us.

Frank the MonsterIt turned out she could describe her monster pretty well.   She knew he was red, with 3 green arms, legs, hairs, fingers, mouths plus a green nose and 5 green eyes.   I went home and drew a few sketches of how a monster could look with that description and the following morning she was excited to show me her monster, called Frank.   Apparently Frank is a girl monster and Lily was  very excited to have Mummy make her.   Whilst I was in the process of making her she decided to tell me this monster also had 2 wings, so of course I added in the wings too.

Frank ended up being made larger than I anticipated, he is over 12″ tall not including his limbs or hair and about 8″ round again no including limbs.   In fact he is so huge that Lily has trouble carrying for any length of time.    He took about 4 100g balls of yarn (I used Paintbox Simply Aran *) and about 2 250g bags of stuffing I think (maybe a little more).   It was quite a length process too, but I did write down what I did so the pattern for Frank is available.   This pattern, however, I have not tested, its quite a huge project and not one I need multiple of around the house, especially as I don’t know anyone else who wants a huge monster!)   Please bear this in mind if you undertake this project.   That said if you have any issues with it, I would be more than happy to help, you can as always drop me a message or email and I’ll be happy to help.

If you want to make your own Frank then the pattern for it is here.

Quince the Mini Monster

Given how large Frank was, which makes him quite impractical to take out or for Lily to sleep with (she does try!) I decided to use some of my Aldi baby yarn and make some smaller more cuddle sized monsters.   My initial idea was to make other crochet monsters similar to Frank, with a couple of variations (less eyes, mouths and no fingers or hair) I created a pink and mint version who was perhaps more like a baby to Frank.   Lily was very excited to see this monster in the morning and immediately carried is around with her.   She decided he was to be called Quince.

Quince uses join as you go limbs (Franks are sewn on due to the size) as well as ears.   Only the wings are sewn on.   The wings are a slightly different shape, but seeing as I was on holiday when I made them I didn’t have the original pattern notes to work off of.   However, I just imagine that Quince has a Dad who looks somewhat different to Frank which made the variation.   The combination of parents has also made other variations and I will share the other 3 mini monsters over the next few weeks.  Perhaps one day I will make the Dad monster.

Quince the Mini MonsterThe pattern for Quince (and the other mini monsters) has been tested and I have created a video tutorial for him too, using different colours.   You can find the written pattern and the video tutorial here.  Please do remember to subscribe to my You Tube channel, it really will help me to continue making these tutorials for you.

I hope that you love the new monsters as much as my children do.   If you make Frank or Quince then please do share them on any of my social media channels.    See you next week with the second of the mini monsters.

Vicky x

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