Crochet Monsters – Drop the Mini Monster

Drop the Mini Monster

Drop is the last of the Mini Monsters and is perhaps the most different of them all.   I created Drop for my Nephew Ethan, who is 9 months and definitely at the stage of throwing everything of the floor for you to pick up.   Since he was too young to name his monster, I called him Drop as that is what we spend a good deal of time doing with him once he was made!

Drop the Mini MonsterDrop has no arms of legs and I guess is a bit slug like in design, with his eyes on stalks raised over his head, although made in the Easter Egg colours of Aldi’s Baby Yarn, Drop is much more colourful and fun than a regular slug.   Drop’s eyes are made first and then joined to his body as he is made.   He is actually made in 2 parts, with the base of the crochet monster being made separately and attached at the end just prior to stuffing him.   I sewed Drops eyes down a little in the original design as I didn’t want the baby to be able to put them too far into his mouth, however, if you are making him for an older child (or yourself) then you can leave them sticking up.

Drop is slightly larger than Paddy and takes a little more time to make but is definitely worth it.  You can find the written pattern and the video tutorial for Drop here.  Please feel free to share any mini monsters you make on Cosy Crochet’s Social Media Channels which you can find to the right of the post.   I you haven’t’ already done so then please subscribe to the blog or you tube channel to enable me to continue making patterns and video tutorials for you.

Join me next week for the start of a new project for you that I have been working hard on for a while, the Horse Stable Bag.

Vicky x

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