Crochet Dinosaur Series – Volcano

Now you have made the playmat and all the dinosaurs, you will be needing some accessories to make the environment even better.   This week we will be adding a volcano to the Crochet Dinosaur Series.


The volcano is made from the top down, and creates the inside as you go.  It is worked in double strands, one light and one dark brown to make it more sturdy.  The volcano gets its texture from using front and back post stitches and you need to keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss any when decreasing.

The lava is added on at the end and uses chain’s attached at both ends to give a wavy effect of lava coming down the volcano.   Chains are also used to suggest lava is coming out of the top of the volcano by sewing loops into the centre.

To get your FREE Volcano Pattern then click on the link.

I hope you enjoy adding the volcano to your collection.   Join me next week when we add the trees to the playmat (so the dinosaurs can eat!)

Vicky x

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