Crochet Dinosaur Series – Tyler the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyler the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the last of the land dinosaur to be released in the Crochet Dinosaur Series.

Tyler T-RexTyler is the only land carnivore on the playmat, but don’t worry he’s perfectly friendly and everyone will see him coming with his lovely shade of yellow.

Tyler uses Romanian Point Lace Cord (which I introduced in my Jewellery blog post) for his front arms, and it works perfectly.   His back legs were a little more complicated and although they are joined as you crochet, they do actually require a little more sewing to secure them in to the place they are needed.

Tyler is created in one go, except for his tail, a hole is left, through which you can stuff him, then the tail is created at the end.   However, this doesn’t really create much more sewing work.   It’s Tyler’s toothy mouth which I think really gives him his personality and was also the only part that got me really frustrated.   It took me ages to get it just perfect.

Tyler the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the same to make big or small and you can find the instructions for him by clicking on his name.

I hope you enjoy adding Tyler the T-Rex to your collection.  Join me next week for the first of the water dinosaurs.

Vicky x

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