Crochet Dinosaur Series – Steve the Stegosaurus

This week we will continue with the Crochet Dinosaur Series, by releasing another dinosaur pattern for FREE – Steve the Stegosaurus.

Steve’s legs are all crocheted in advance and added as you go, meaning on less thing to have to sew on.  His spikes are also made in advance (except the very back 4), although these do need to be sewn on, it is easiest to do so as you rather than waiting to the end, this way it is much less fiddly.

Steve Stegosaurus

Steve, like the other dinosaurs, can be made in the larger cuddly size, or the smaller size, perfect for playing with his friends on the playmat.   I used safety eyes for all my dinosaurs, but you could just as easily sew them on if you preferred, or were giving him as a gift for a baby.

You can find the pattern for Steve the Stegosaurus by clicking on his name.

I hope you enjoy making Steve this week and adding him to his friends.   See you next week for another dinosaur in this series.

Vicky x

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