Crochet Dinosaur Series – Liam the Liopleurodon

Last week we finished the land dinosaurs, and this week marks the start of the sea dinosaurs, starting with Liam the Liopleurodon.

Liam has been made in blue and sea green and personally I prefer him in the sea green colour.  He looks great in the water effect pictures and its a shame he couldn’t really go in the water!   Liam’s flippers are made first and are sewn in as you go, but his body is one continuous piece of crochet.  He is very easy to make, in fact I think his mouth gave me more trouble than Liam himself!

Liam Liopleurodon

The flippers are made in the round and then folded flat, sewing round the top and pulling it shut makes it tapper in at the ends to give a more effective shape.   I also thinks it makes them more rigid and less work than making multiple pieces and sewing them together.

You can find the pattern for Liam the Liopleurodon by clicking on his name.

I hope you enjoy adding Liam to your growing collection.   See you next week for the final dinosaur pattern of the series, Isla the Ichthyosaurus.

Vicky x

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