Crochet Dinosaur Series – Isla the Ichthyosaurus

This week see the dinosaur pattern portion of the Crochet Dinosaur Series come to an end, with the final water dinosaur, Isla the Ichthyosaurus.

Isla is the smaller of the two water dinosaurs and is made in a very similar way to Liam.   Her flippers, fin and tail are all made in advance and then sewn to her body as you make her.  As she is one of the smaller ones, she is much quicker to make than some of the land dinosaurs.  In fact I actually managed to make both the water dinosaurs in one day!

Isla Icythyosaurus

I made Isla in white in the larger size and in grey for the smaller size.   I actually prefer her in the grey since, I think she is a predecessor of the dolphin and grey seems to be a more appropriate colour for her.

You can find the pattern for Isla the Ichthyosaurus by clicking on her name.

I hope you like adding Isla to the rest of her friends.  Join me next week for the start of the playmat section of this series.

Vicky x

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