Crochet Dinosaur Series – Dinosaur Playmat

Having finished all of the dinosaurs in the Crochet Dinosaur Series, you will need a place for them all to play and this week we will make the playmat for them.

The playmat is made in entirely in wave stitch in alternating colours to represent the deep sea up to the waves on the beach.   It also has mud, bushes, grass and finishes with snow capped mountains.  Although it might be shown in an abstract way, children should have no trouble figuring out which section is perfect for the dinosaur they are playing with.

Dinosaur Playmat

Dinosaur PlaymatWe will make the accessories for the playmat (trees and moutains) over the next two weeks, but for this week we will just focus on the playmat itself.   I made it 24″ square, but you could easily increase the size by adding more rows to increase the length, or adding multiples of 4 to the starting chain to increase the width.

To get your FREE pattern for this week only, click on the Dinosaur Playmat link.

I hope you enjoy making the playmat for the dinosaurs to play on.  Join me next week when we will be adding a volcano.

Vicky x

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