Crochet Dinosaur Series – Angie Anklyosaurus

Following on from the success of Terry the Pterodactyl’s crochet pattern last week, I will be sharing another FREE pattern from the Crochet Dinosaur Series; Angie the Anklyosaurus.

I love how cute Angie looks.   She makes good use of the popcorn stitch for her armoured back, and all her spikes and legs are made in advance and crocheted in as you go.   This means no sewing (apart from the final end at the tip of the tail!)   If like me, the sewing is the part of crochet you like least, then Angie is the dinosaur for you.

Angie Ankylosaurus

I made her with nostrils on the larger size, but completely forgot to add them in when I made her in the smaller size for the playmat, however, I dont’ think it makes any difference to how she looks.   I also adjusted the sizes or her horns from the big to smaller dinosaur and I definitely preferred the look of the smaller dinosaur, so these are how you will find them in her instructions.  If you prefer the look of the bigger dinosaur, then simply make all your horns the same size.

You can find the pattern for Angie Anklyosaurus by clicking on her name.

I hope you love making Angie, and look forward to seeing you next week for the release of another dinosaur pattern!

Vicky x

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