Crochet Dinosaur Baby Gifts

A while a go I found out one of my good friends is expecting her third boy and knowing she doesn’t need anything (she has it all from her previous two) I decided I wanted to make something unique that she wouldn’t already have.   I started thinking about the things that my children used the most and blankets, comforters and rattles were among my top ideas.  I also have children that are mad on dinosaurs and I decided it was a good starting point.   I found myself in hobbycraft (as I often do) in the wool section and fell in love with the bright blue and green from the new Caron Simply Soft range.  They were on 3 for 2 at the time and so I also got one in white.  It was at this point I realised the comforter was what I was going to make.

Dinosaur ComforterI sat down to create my dinosaur comforter and being a fan of no sewing all the parts are attached as you go and the whole comforter is created in one long pieces, so only ends need weaving in.   He was surprisingly quick to create, completing him in a day I also had a go at using short row shaping for the first time without following a pattern.  I was really pleased with my dinosaur comforter, he has bright colours and is really soft and I am hoping is something that the new baby will enjoy playing with.  He didn’t really use much of the wool I had bought though and so I decided to try and have a go at a c2c (corner to corner) graph blanket using the same colours (so they match) again with a dinosaur theme.

Dinosaur Blanket

So I got the graph paper out and sat and drew an outline of a dinosaur and egg on the paper as a guide to follow.  After a few attempts I found a design I was happy with and started to create my blanket.  It is not as hard to work a graph design in c2c as I was anticipating, however, I very quickly learnt the value of bobbins as constantly cutting the wool every colour change resulted in a lot of weaving in of ends, not something I enjoy at all!   About 1/3 of the way in, I started to separate the wool in to various smaller balls so I didn’t have so much cutting and the result is definitly a lot better.  Not only are there many less ends to weave in, but I think the design looks better, and in the long run will also make it far less likely to fall apart.   Next time, I think I will mentally run through a design and figure out what I need and separate the wool before I even start!

I was very pleased with the finished blanket, although it will slightly annoy me that the picture is not completely centered.   I finished it off with a simple border consisting of a sc and ch2 in between every block, followed by 3sc across each ch2, then a row of dc, a row of sc and finally a crab stitch finish.  Using each of the colours in the blanket really finishes it off in a simple and easy way.   I have added the graph of the dinosaur blanket below incase you want to try and make it yourself, although the dinosaur is a little more centered in it than in my blanket.   The dinosaur comforter pattern can be found here.

I hope you have enjoyed my crochet dinosaur baby gifts as much as I enjoyed creating them, and my friend and her baby will enjoy using them.   See you all next week.

Vicky x

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