Crochet Raffia Sun Hat

This week I would like to share with you my very unplanned Sun Hat.    I didn’t set out to make a sun hat out of Raffia, I actually had made one this year out of regular yarn, and whilst it did protect me from the sun, it also made my head over heat a lot!   I happened to have some raffia in packs of 3 colours, light pink, magenta and lilac and each pack had 30 meters of each colour.   I had no idea how much you would need to create anything so I had bought 8 packs and as it turns out that’s enough to make around 6 hats!

I had finished all my currently projects and decided to play around with the Raffia and see how it would crochet up.   I tried a few different crochet hooks to see how it worked up and the easiest to use by far was the 10mm so I stuck with that.   I started crocheting in the round and it worked up really quickly and so I decided to continue with it and so started forming a sunhat.   I figured the larger holes from the 10mm  would make it nice and light and not overheat my head when worn, although I did worry about them being a bit too large and letting too much sun thorough, I decided to tackle this issue when the hat was finished.

I only actually needed 7 increase rounds and then 6 rounds extra to make the right sized hat.  I didn’t want too large a brim to I only worked an additional 3 rounds once the hat was hat shaped.   It worked up very quickly on the 10mm and in only an hour or so I had a hat, although at this point I realised it was too big for me as well as the larger holes I mentioned earlier.    It then occurred to me that I could use surface slip stitch around the hole hat which would fill in the larger gaps and make them smaller.   Slip stitch also had a tightening effect and this worked perfectly to combat both of the problems I had.   If you haven’t used surface slip stitch before, I encourage you to try it, it can really transform a piece of work.   I had used it as decoration on my Seashell Bags and this time I was using it in a more practical way.   It closed up the larger holes perfectly leaving enough of a gap to allow air flow but not to burn my head and it also bought the hat back to the perfect size for my head and as an added bonus gave a different decorative look to that hat too.

Raffia Sun HatOnce I had finished making the hat, I knew it needed something more to transform it from a lilac hat into something that looked much nicer.   I decided

to create a band in the two contrasting pink colours using my kumihimo disk and 4 strands of each colour.   This was probably the part of the hat that took the longest to make in the end, but once completed, I tied it around the hat in a double knot and a bow leaving the bow strands separate and this really finished the hat off.   I decided not to attach the band but leave it loose, so if I choose I can wear the hat plain, or make a different colour band for a completely different look.

With the really hot weather we have had in the UK this summer I have had plenty of opportunity to test it and I am pleased to say it worked great.   I

never once felt like the sun was burning my head and I also never felt like my head was overheating so the Crochet Raffia Sun Hat has definitly fulfilled its requirements as well as looking great.   As a result Raffia will now be my go to material for all the Sun hats I make and it has also made me want to experiment with it more to see what else Raffia can be used for.

If you want to create your own Raffia Sun Hat then you can get the pattern for FREE here.   You just need a small amount of Raffia and a couple of hours and you will have your own Sun Hat too to decorate in anyway you choose.

Join me next week when we return to the undersea theme and I introduce to you the Mermaids that swim in the Mermaid Adventure Bag.   See you next week,

Vicky x

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