Cookie the Crochet Elf

This week marks the start of Christmas month at Cosy Crochet and what better way to start the Christmas celebrations than with an elf.   Elves work hard all year round for Santa making the children’s toys so I think its only right that in the run up to December the elves get to come out and have a bit of fun with the children, if you have ever done Elf on the Shelf you will know what I mean!   Last year I published a pair of Elf patterns, Candy & Jingle, and you can read all about them here.   I loved the design of these elves and they were really fun, but for doing Elf on the Shelf they were some restrictions.   Last years elves were made like rag dolls, perfect for cuddling, but difficult for getting them to sit up and read, or slide down a Bannister since they just couldn’t hold up their own shape and their arms and legs were all floppy.   This year I decided to redesign the pattern to combat these issues and that is how Cookie the Elf came to be.

Cookie the ElfCookie is made from the exact same colours and principals as his predecessors, however instead of making him in aran yarn with a 4mm hook, he is actually made with chunky yarn instead and also uses a 4mm hook.   This means he is much more stiff and less floppy enabling him to be able to sit up himself without always needing to be leaning against something.   Another benefit Cookie has is posable arms and legs and the ability to move his head.   I have read about people using doll joints in their toys and I wanted to experiment using them.   After watching a couple of videos on how the joints work I set out to adapt last years elf patterns to make them work with the doll joints.   Like last year where the elves had their limbs made first to use the join as you go technique, I also made the limbs first for Cookie, however they use the doll joints instead.  Cookie’s head is also different and is not crocheted directly on to the body, but instead uses a doll joint to make it movable.   Once these parts are all made then the body is worked and the limbs and head are attached almost at the end.  Other additions Cookie has is a slightly different finish to his top with a more triangular pointed edge instead of a straight one.   This is

also echoed in Cookie’s collar which is a new addition to the elves.   Cookie’s hat and hair, stripy legs and belt are all kept the same as Candy and Jingle, although he does have a slightly different skin tone to his friends.

The best part about all these additions however, is Cookie’s maneuverability.   With the added stiffness and the doll joints, cookie can sit up unaided, he can stand (although he does need to lean against something to do this), he can put his arms up and down to hold things or lift things, he can move his head in different directions and he can even do the splits if needed!   This increases the range of ideas for using him for the Elf of the Shelf this year, Cookie can, I’m sure, get into even more mischief than Candy and Jingle did last year without us always having to find something to surround the elves to keep them in their position.    Cookie is slightly bigger than Candy and Jingle at 40cm tall and 28cm wide when standing, and this may even help him to be able to climb along with his posable joints!

If you would like to make your own Cookie the Elf to play Elf on the Shelf with, or just as a fun decoration for Christmas time, the you can find the pattern for him here.   He only took me two evenings to make and with 2 months to go until the start of December there is plenty of time to get in made in time for all the fun.   I’ll be sharing some pictures of some of the mischief that Cookie will get up to throughout December on my social media channels and if you decide to make your own crochet elf then I would love for you to share your pictures too.

Join me next week for some crochet gingerbread as we continue with Christmas month,

Vicky x

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