Crochet Christmas Tree

This week in Cosy Crochet’s Christmas month I want to share with you my Christmas Tree pattern.   To my knowledge, most of the patterns for Christmas Tree’s (or pine trees) are made with some sort of special stitch, like crocodile stitch, shell stitch or popcorn stitch, or they use chains as loops or they are simply decorated in the round.   I didn’t want to create anything like that, I wanted to do something completely different, where if you look through the leaves you can see the brown trunk, where the leaves could be moved around to attach decorations.  Something that just felt and looked closer to a real tree, and so that is what I did.

Christmas TreeMy crochet Christmas Tree is made from leaves which are crocheted individually, 48 of them to be exact, and these are then attached to the tree as you crochet the trunk.   This way seems to create a more realistic feel to it and makes the whole tree much easier to decorate.   I made this tree in two different sizes, the first is made in double knit yarn and is what I put in the Gingerbread House Adventure Bag from last week.   The second I made from Aldi’s Chunky yarn in the green colours (which they only released last month) and works perfectly.   They didn’t have any brown, but holding two strands of normal chunky brown yarn together worked perfectly for the project.   The tree is decorated in tinsel yarn which I got from Aldi again and is just a really long chain sewn either end of the tree and drapped around.   The star us also made from two strands of chunky yarn, although it is worth nothing that the it does loose some definition with the thicker yarn than it did with the smaller double knit yarn.   It may actually be better to use smaller yarn and just increase the size in rounds for a better defined star.   Of course the tree could also be decorated with any normal decorations you have at home too.

The chunky Christmas Tree stands at 28cm tall and is 40cm around the largest point of the tree and is the perfect size to decorate any office desk.   In fact, although I haven’t done this, putting something heavier in the bottom of the tree trunk, like a small bag or rice for example, may work to weigh the tree down enough to allow it to stand nicely on a desk.   Another alternative could be to find a small Christmas pot and put the tree in that.   Either way this is the perfect homemade office decoration for this Christmas and it really doesn’t take all that long to make.   I made it and another toy all in one day in between looking after the kids.

You can get the pattern for your own Christmas Tree here for FREE.  The pattern has the materials for the smaller tree listed, but also contains notes for adapting the tree to a larger size, although all you really need to do is change the size of yarn and hook and for amigurumi, i usually just select a hook 2-3 sizes smaller than whatever the yarn recommends, so get experimenting and make yourself you crochet Christmas Tree for this year, there is plenty of time!

Join me next week for a more snowy set of patterns.

Vicky x

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