Crochet Christmas Bunting

I know I did Christmas in October but I just wanted to share with you my quick Christmas Bunting pattern.   It was only as I was putting up the Christmas decorations that I saw how perfectly they matched my pile of sparkly yarn that was just waiting to go upstairs and be put away that the idea came to me to make some Christmas Bunting with it.   This pattern works up really quickly, in fact it was designed, written and tested in one evening so that is how quick it is to make.

The pattern is made up of 6 mini motives which are each repeated twice and that makes a bunting string that is 44″ long, but this could easy be adjusted by adding more or less motives to fit the space available.   Not only is this pattern quick to make up, but it also doesn’t require much yarn.   In fact each motive only uses a few grams of yarn each and the whole bunting (with 2 repeats) uses a total of 40g so is perfect for using up those odds and ends of yarn you have left at home.   I’m sure this bunting would work up nicely in any colours or weight of yarn you have but I chose to use some of my double knit Aldi stash including the new rainbow yarns, tinsel yarns and fancy glittery yarn and these really make it feel Christmassy.

Christmas BuntingIf you are needing a quick last minute Christmas decoration then this crochet Christmas Bunting will be prefect for you.  All the motives are

worked first and then strung together to make the bunting at the end.   Alternatively you could add a loop to the top of each motive and hang them on the Christmas tree.   The motives included in this pattern are the Christmas Tree, Christmas Wreath, Santa Hat, Star, stocking and Bauble and you can find their patterns, including how to string them together here.   If you decide to make this quick Christmas Bunting pattern, then I would love to see your colour combinations and variations so please do share them on any of my social media accounts, (which you can find to the side.)

I hope that you have enjoyed this quick Christmas Bunting Pattern, see you next week,

Vicky x

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