Here is a list of the crochet patterns I have created.  Please click on the links to access them.

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Pattern List

AccessoriesAdult Clothing Adventure Bags
Amigurumi Bags, Purses & Pouches Blankets
Children’s Clothing Cup Cozies Hair Accessories
Playmats Spa Accessories Seasonal
Tutorials Winter Wear


Draught Excluder
Raffia Sun Hat
Draft ExcluderRaffia Sun Hat
Toy Hammock


Adult Clothing

Lace Vest Top Tunisian Lace Top
Crochet Lace Vest Top PatternTunisian Lace Top Pattern


Adventure Bags

Gingerbread Adventure Bag Horse Stable Adventure Bag
Gingerbread House Horse Stable
Mermaid Adventure Bag Prehistoric Adventure Bag
Mermaid Prehistoric
Princess Castle
Princess Castle




Horse Naomi Narwhal
Blossom the HorseNaomi the Narwhal
Penny Polar Bear Roxy Rockhopper Penguin
Penny the Polar BearRoxy the Rockhopper Penguin
Sally Seal Snake
Sally the SealSnake
Bunny Cuddle Bunny
Easter BunnyCuddle Bunny
Tropical Fish
Tropical Fish


Snowman Gingerbread Man
Crochet SnowmanCrochet Gingerbread Man
Christmas Tree Santa
Crochet Christmas TreeCrochet Santa
Cookie the Elf Jingle the Elf
Cookie the Crochet Elf (with posable arms)Jingle the Elf
Candy the Elf
Candy the Elf Pattern


Dinosaur Comforter Terry Pterodactyl
Dinosaur ComforterTerry the Pterodactyl
Tracey Triceratops Angie Ankylosaurus
Tracey the TriceratopsAngie the Ankylosaurus
Steve Stegosaurus Daisy Diplodocus
Steve the StegosaurusDaisy the Diplodocus
Tyler T-Rex Liam Liopleurodon
Tyler the Tyrannosaurus RexLiam the Liopleurodon
Isla IcythyosaurusBaby Therizinosaurus
Isla the IcythyosaurusBaby Therizinosaurus


Unicorn Maya the Mercorn
Unicorn & PonyMaya the Mercorn
Maisie the Mermaid Frank the Monster
Maisie the MermaidFrank the Monster
Quince the Monster Peter the Monster
Quince MonsterPeterMonster
Drop the Monster Paddy the Monster
Drop Monster Paddy Monster
Princess Dragon
Princess DollDragon
Knight Bella the Horse Rider
Knight DollBella the Horse Riding Doll


Volcano Palm Tree
VolcanoPalm Trees

Tropical Fruit

Claire the Coconut
Betsy the Banana Claire the Coconut
Katie the Kiwi Lawrence the Lemon
Katie the Kiwi Lawrence the Lemon 
Lee the LimeMelvin the Mandarin
Lee the Lime Melvin the Mandarin
Penelope the Pineapple
Peter the Plum
Penelope the Pineapple Peter the Plum
Sarah the Strawberry William the Watermelon
Sarah the Strawberry William the Watermelon
Stella the Strawberry
Stella the Strawberry


Bags, Purses and Pouches

Drawstring Backpack Honeycomb Bow Pouch
Drawstring Backpack & PouchHoneycomb Stripped Bow Pouch
Tunisian Cable Bag Festival Bag
Tunisian Cable Barrel BagCrochet Festival Bag
Seashell Bag Stripy Market Bag
Seashell HandbagStripy Market Bag
Tunisian Market Bag Seashell Purse
Tunisian Market BagRainbow Seashell Purse
Planned Pooling Bag Snowman Bag
Planned Pooling BagSnowman Bag
Snowman Pouch Dinosaur Bag
Snowman Drawstring PouchDrawstring Dinosaur Bag
Polar Bag
Polar Bag



10 Pointed Star Blanket Sealife blanket
Tunisian 10 Point Star Blanketsealife Blanket
Solar System Blanket Elephant Blanket
Tunisian Solar System BlanketElephant Baby Blanket
Dinosaur Blanket Ocean blanket
C2C Baby Dinosaur BlanketPatchwork Ocean Baby Blanket


Children’s Clothing

Age 2-3 Strawberry cardigan Lacey jacket Age 2-3
Strawberry Cardigan Age 1-2Lacey Jacket
Rainbow Granny Dress Age 2-3 Shell Outfit age 2-3
Rainbow Crochet Granny Stripe Summer DressShell Crochet Outfit
Pirate Costume Age 5-6 Snowflake Dress Age 4-5
Knitted Pirate CostumeWinter Snowflake Dress & Headband
Snowflake Cardigan Age 4-5 Bunny Jumper Dress Age 4-5 ]
Knitted Snowflake Cardigan – Age 3-4Crochet Bunny Jumper Dress
Chevron Skirt Rainbow Tutu Dress
Tunisian Chevron SkirtCrochet Rainbow Tutu Dress
Whale Jumper (Age 5-6) Jingle Belle Dress
Crochet Humpback Whale Jumper (age 5-6)Crochet Jingle Belle Dress
snowman dress Cable Dress Age 4-5
Crochet Planned Pooling Snowman DressCable Dress Age 4-5


Cup Cozies

Honeycomb Bee Cozy Bunny Cup Cozy
Honeycomb Bee CozyTunisian Bunny Cup Cozy
Christmas Tree Cozy Elephant Cup Cozy
Tunisian Christmas Tree Cup CozyTunisian Elephant Cup Cozy
Panda Cup Cozy Pig Cup Cozy
Tunisian Panda Cup CozyTunisian Panda Cup Cozy
Pumpkin Cup Cozy Snowflake Cup Cozy
Tunisian Pumpkin Cup CozyTunisian Snowflake Cup Cozy
snowman cup cozy
Snowman Cup Cozy


Hair Accessories

Sunflower Hair Clip Mix and Match Hair Bows
Crochet Sunflower Hair ClipMix and Match Crochet Hair Bows
Mix and Match Hair Bows Mix and Match Hair Bows
Mix and Match Crochet Hair Bows – Part 2Mix and Match Crochet Hair Bows – Part 3



Coral Playmat Woodland playmat
Coral PlaymatWoodland Playmat
Polar PlaymatDinosaur Playmat
Polar Playmat Dinosaur Playmat
Jungle playmat
Jungle Playmat


Spa Accessories

Waffle Head Towel Tunisian Spring Basket
Tunisian Waffle Head TowelSpring TunisianBasket
Honeycomb wash Mitten Tunisian Wash cloth
Tunisian Crochet Honeycomb Wash MittenTunisian Wash Cloth
RIB Wash Cloth Shower Puff
Tunisian RIB WashclothCrochet Shower Puff




Pumpkin Cup Cozy Crochet Pumpkins
Tunisian Pumpkin Cup CozyPumpkins


snowman cup cozy Snowflake Cup Cozy
Snowman Cup CozyTunisian Snowflake Cup Cozy
Christmas Tree Cozy snowman dress
Tunisian Christmas Tree Cup CozyCrochet Planned Pooling Snowman Dress
Jingle Belle Dress Snowflake Dress Age 4-5
Jingle Belle DressWinter Crochet Snowflake Dress & Headband
Snowflake Cardigan Age 3-4 Santa
Knitted Snowflake Cardigan – Age 3-4Crochet Santa
Candy the Elf Jingle the Elf
Candy the Elf PatternJingle the Elf
Cookie the Elf Christmas Tree
Cookie the Crochet ElfCrochet Christmas Tree
Gingerbread Man Snowman
Crochet Gingerbread ManCrochet Snowman
Snowman Pouch Snowman Bag
Snowman Drawstring PouchCrochet Snowman Bag
Gingerbread Adventure Bag Christmas Bunting
Crochet Gingerbread House Adventure BagCrochet Christmas Bunting


Easter Baskets & Bunnies Cuddle Bunny
Easter Basket and Bunny PatternCrochet Cuddle Bunny
Bunny Jumper Dress Age 4-5
Crochet Bunny Jumper Dress



Tunisian Cable  
How to crochet a Tunisian Cable


Winter Wear

Cable Hat Cable Headband
Tunisian Cable HatTunisian Cable Headband
Cable Gloves Cable Scarf
Tunisian Cable GlovesTunisian Cable Scarf
Mermaid Scarf Mermaid Mittens
Tunisian Mermaid Tail ScarfTunisian Mermaid Mittens
Mermaid Tail Hat Tunisian Weave Hat
Tunisian Mermaid Tail HatCrochet Tunisian Weave Hat
Dinosaur Hat Mother & Daughter Hats
Dinosaur HatMother & Daughter Hats
Age 2-5 Gloves Age 1-2 Gloves
Age 3-5 Toddler GlovesAge 1-2 Toddler Gloves


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