Crochet Hooded Blanket – Dinosaur

Hooded blankets seem to be very much in fashion at the moment and I wanted to jump on that trend for my children.   Being as I have a dinosaur mad son and I already had some of the chunky green and blue wool from Aldi, I decided I would make Oliver a Crochet Hooded Blanket, a dinosaur version.

The blanket was very easy to make, I simply made a rectangle using double crochet stitches, but working in alternating back and front loop rows, to create a bit of texture like a dinosaur.   I then made a rectangle shape to create the hood which is attached in the centre at the top of the rectangle.  I also added triangle pockets for Oliver’s hands to hold up the blanket in the contrasting blue.

For the border, I worked a round of single crochet in the blue colour and then a round of almost picot like border to create spikes on the blanket, another dinosaur effect.   I finished off with a crest on the hood and a couple of horns giving a similar effect to a triceratops.

Crochet Hooded Blanket - Dinosaur Collage
Crochet Hooded Blanket – Dinosaur Collage

To go with his hooded blanket (and to use up the last of the green wool) I also made Oliver his own chunky Tracey Triceratops and he has been delighted with both, as you can see above.   They will be perfect for him to cuddle up under as the weather gets colder.

See you next week for the unicorn version I made for Lily.

Vicky x

Chunky Tracey Triceratops Video

A few weeks ago I held a poll on facebook to find out your favourite dinosaur from my dinosaur series.  The answer was very clearly Tracey Triceratops.   I promised that I would make a video of Tracey when making her to be entered into the competition.   So this week I want to introduce you to chunky Tracey Triceratops and release the video of me making her.

Chunky Tracey Triceratops
Chunky Tracey Triceratops

I (like so many others) bought a load of wool when Aldi had them on special a few weeks ago and among that was there was the really chunky wool in both green and blue and they both seemed perfect to make a really cuddly version of Tracey.   The pattern is pretty much exactly the same, although I made her legs a little shorter and only used one strand wool (due to the thinkness) for her crest.   The rest however, is just a larger version and she  is very very cuddly.

I managed to video the whole process and its just under 2 hours so quite long.  But unless you are wanting to make Tracey as I go you wouldn’t need to watch it all.   The camera work is not perfect, I still have a lot to learn making videos, but I hope you will forgive that as it is my first go.

So here is me making a chunky Tracey Triceratops.   Hope you enjoy watching.  Feel free to give me any feedback and I would love to see any chunky dinosaurs you may decide to make.   I’ll let you know how she does in the competition when I know.

See you next week,

Vicky x

Crochet Dinosaur Series – Dinosaur Storage Bag

This week is the final week in the Crochet Dinosaur Series, and to finish we will be making a dinosaur bag to put your playmat and dinosaurs into when they are not being played with.   Handy also for taking out with you.

Crochet Dinosaur Series

The bag is made primarily of double crochet stripes, in four colours, yellow, sea green, red and white.   I also added two bands of dinosaurs, so you know what is in this particular bag.  The dinosaur bands are made in Tunisian crochet, something I have wanted to explore a bit more.   I definitively enjoyed working out how to make these bands.

If you don’t know how to Tunisian crochet I have included instructions and a useful video to get you started.  If you don’t have the hooks or are not sure about it however, you could always make the band using normal single crochet in a tapestry crochet style.

Dinosaur Bag
Dinosaur Bag

One thing I did learn was that Tunisian crochet is tighter than my double crochet and I probably could have gone up a hook size to make the bag more even.   Since it is at the top and bottom however, it doesn’t really affect the bags use.

To get the Dinosaur Bag, click on the link provided.   Remember for this week only it will be FREE (until 17/10/2017).   After this time, if you wish to get the pattern or any other pattern from the Crochet Dinosaur Series then they will be available to purchase in the ‘Crochet Dinosaur eBook’ which will also contain bonus patterns too.

I hope you have enjoyed making everything in the Crochet Dinosaur Series, I know I definitely have and my children love playing with them.  Thank you for joining me every week and I look forward to seeing you all next week for something new and different.

Vicky x

Crochet Dinosaur Series – Volcano

Now you have made the playmat and all the dinosaurs, you will be needing some accessories to make the environment even better.   This week we will be adding a volcano to the Crochet Dinosaur Series.

Crochet Dinosaur Series

The volcano is made from the top down, and creates the inside as you go.  It is worked in double strands, one light and one dark brown to make it more sturdy.  The volcano gets its texture from using front and back post stitches and you need to keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss any when decreasing.

Playmat Volcano
Playmat Volcano

The lava is added on at the end and uses chain’s attached at both ends to give a wavy effect of lava coming down the volcano.   Chains are also used to suggest lava is coming out of the top of the volcano by sewing loops into the centre.

To get your FREE Volcano Pattern for one week only (until 03/10/2017) then click on the link.    As usual if you have missed the rest of the series, then you can get all the Crochet Dinosaur Series patterns in the eBook available for purchase here.

I hope you enjoy adding the volcano to your collection.   Join me next week when we add the trees to the playmat (so the dinosaurs can eat!)

Vicky x


Crochet Dinosaur Series – Trees

We finish off the accessories to enhance your playmats environment this week, by adding some trees from the Crochet Dinosaur Series. 

Crochet Dinosaur Series

The trees are worked in three separate parts, small leaves in light green, large leaves in dark green and trucks worked in either dark or light brown.   The trunks, like the volcano, make use of post stitches to create the bark like texture.  Whilst both the leaves are worked in one continuous round in both sides of a chain.   The leaves are then sewn on to the trunk at the end, starting with the larger leaves and then the smaller ones in between the larger leaves.

I made 4 Trees, mostly because that was all the brown yarn I had, and also as I didn’t want to use more than 1 ball of each colour in the playmat.  However, I think given the size of the playmat, any more trees would have made it just too crowded.   If you want however, you can vary the amount of trees you make.

You can find the FREE Playmat Trees by clicking on the link, available until 3/10/2017.  After this time it will be available in the ‘Crochet Dinosaur eBook’ which you can purchase here.

I hope you enjoy finishing off the playmat with tree this week.   Next week finishes the Crochet Dinosaur Series by making a storage bag for you to keep everything in.

Vicky x