Toy Hammock

Lily's Hammock


325g Super bulky blanket wool (So Crafty Baby wool from Aldi)

7mm hook

Stitches used (American terms)

sc – single crochet

Sl st- slip stitch

ch – chain

sc inc – single crochet increase

Sc Dec – single crochet decrease


there is no specific gauge required it will not affect product outcome


ch22, sc in 2nd ch from the start, sc in the final ch (this will give you a ch20 loop and 2 sc) ch1 turn (2)

Sc inc x2, ch1 turn (4)

Sc inc x4, ch1 turn (8)

Sc inc X8, ch 1 turn (16)

Sc inc, 2sc, sc inc, 6sc, sc inc, 2sc, sc inc, 2sc, ch1 turn (20)

(Sc inc, sc ) rep to end, ch1 turn (30)

(Sc inc, 2sc) rep to end, ch1 turn (40)

(Sc inc, sc) rep to end, ch1 turn (60)

Sc across row (60)

(Ch 5, sk 2, sc) rep to end, ch 5 turn

(Sc in ch 5 sp, ch5) rep to end, ch5 turn

Rep row 11 until you have 40 rows of ch 5 pattern

51) (sc in sc, 2sc in ch5 sp) rep to end, ch1 turn (60)

52) sc across, ch1 turn (60)

53) (sc Dec, sc) rep to end, ch1 turn (40)

54) (sc Dec, 2sc) rep to end, ch1 turn (30)

55) (sc Dec, sc) rep to end, ch1 turn (20)

56) sc Dec, 2sc, sc Dec, 6sc, sc Dec, 2sc, scdec, 2sc, ch1 turn (16)

57) sc Dec x8, ch1 turn (8)

58) sc Dec x4, ch1 turn (4)

59) sc Dec x2, ch1 turn (2)

60) ch20 sc in next st to form loop then start edging


Do not ch1 or turn.

Work 7sc down sc section of work evenly

1)3 sc in each ch5 sp down side

2)7sc worked evenly across sc rows

3) Sc in each ch of loop

4) 7sc worked evenly down other sc side

5) 3sc in each ch5 sp

6) 7sc evenly along final sc edge

7) Sc in each ch on 2nd loop

Sl st and cast off and sew in end to finish

Oliver’s Hammock

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