Winter Wear

The weather has been really cold the last few weeks and so this has been a good opportunity to wear the winter wear I have made for the children over the last few months.    Oliver now has a complete set – hat, scarf and gloves which are all slightly too big and I am therefore hoping will last him this winter and next.   Lily just has a hat but I’m sure over the next few weeks I will work on a scarf and gloves for her too.

Last year oliver was really into space and so I decided to make him a space themed scarf.    I made the pattern up although I never actually wrote it down, I know it only took a couple of evenings to make.   It has rockets, planets and stars as well so bright colours everything a space loving toddler needs.    I think the multi coloured fringe at the end makes it even better.   Unfortunately I didn’t write down what I did, however, I suspect I could work it out if I ever had the need to make another one.

Whilst he still lives space as with most toddlers he got an new favourite around his 3rd birthday – paw patrol.  Therefore I made his hat to imitate the hat of his then favourite puppy Chase.    I used this basic pattern and edited the colours and added a star to make it like the one Chase wears.    It turns out that making this hat has made hat wearing more fun this winter and he actually gets upset if I suggest he doesn’t need to wear it out!

Finally after buying and breaking or loosing multiple gloves I decided I would have a go at making him some.    I used the broken ones as a template to work with and it only took a couple of hours to work out each glove.   I have made a chain string attaching them together so at least they will stay in his coat and not get lost.   Hoping they will not break as easily either.

I also had a go at writing down what I did if you would like to try and make some yourself please follow this link.    They are for approximately age 3 to 4 but I will probably work on other sizes too since I need to make some for my daughter and also work up to adult gloves for me too.   Please bear in mind this is the first time I have written down a pattern so if you find any issues please let me know!

Olivers gloves, hat, scarf and Oliver proudly wearing them

Hope you have enjoyed this week on winter wear.   See you next time!

Vicky x

Rag Dolls

Last summer when my daughter turned one I decided to make her a doll she could play with.   I wanted to make clothes so she could dress it up and allow it togrow with her.    After a lot of searching I found the little sister ebook (paid pattern) by Featherby and Fiends which contained the pattern for a doll and several outfits for her.   Pattern purchased I went off in search of Wool and unfortunately couldn’t find an exact skin colour I wanted so she ended up a bit pink!

She was quick and easy to make up (although the hair does take a while) and I made her the fairy outfit.   Lily was a bit young when I made her so she mostly just sat around for a while, however, I enjoyed making her.    A few months later lily really enjoyed watching mermaids on TV and so I decided to make the mermaid outfit for the doll.   Again this was quick and easy to make, and although it didn’t really capture lily’s imagination my niece did enjoy playing with her a couple of times.

This week I decided to get the wool toys out I have made (including playmats which I will show in another post) for the children and this time the doll was actually cuddled and played with.   I thought I would make her a dress so I quickly made the Princess dress.   This has become a definite favourite and she has now been cuddled and played with and even taken to bed.

My son saw me making the dress for lily’s doll and asked me if it was for him.   He has had no interest in dolls or babies so far but I asked him if he wanted me to make him his own doll.   He said yes so I made one from the bag of scraps based on the same little sister pattern.  Oliver helped me picked out the colours of the dolls hair and eyes as well as his outfit and was very excited to see him finished.    I didn’t manage to finish him before bedtime but he was there waiting for Oliver in the morning.

Top left to right: mermaid doll, fairy doll Bottom left to right: princess doll and boy doll.

He really loved his doll and gave him a cuddle as soon as he saw him.    He took him to nursery and showed everyone.    He came with us today to collect the car from the garage and he showed everyone there and told them all `mummy made him for me.   He hasn’t really given him a name yet mostly just calls him doll or occasionally Oliver but he definitely likes him.

As we go through the year I’ll probably make more outfits for them too. The ebook has several other outfits including a pumpkin outfit and an elf outfit which will be great for Christmas.

Thanks for reading this week’s post. See you next time

Vicky x

Using Scrap Wool

A couple of days after Christmas and before the new year the house had a big sort out and clean, including my big stash of Wool which sits in boxes in the gap between the sofa and wall next to the fireplace. It was only just over 2 years ago I started to crochet but it’s amazing in that amount of time how many scraps and small balls I have in the collection! I spent around half a day winding all the scraps into balls and put them into what became a large bag! My boxes are now soley used for the whole skiens for projects later on this year.

Bag full of scrap wool

Having seen the size of this bag I decided that I needed a project for them. In a couple of months my parents are giving us their old leather sofas and our much stained (thanks to the children) one is going. One of the concerns hubby has is leather will be cold so I thought I’d make some blankets for them and using the scraps seemed like the best idea!

So the start of the new year has seen me making various different coloured granny squares which will eventually turn in to 2 double bed sized blankets to go on our sofas in March. Granny squares were one of the first things I made when I learnt to crochet and the first solely crochet project I made was a blanket for when my niece was born. I actually ended up remaking a couple of months later as it fell apart but I have learnt so much since then that I feel confident these blankets should last for a long time!

Layla’s remade granny square blanket

So for now my evenings are filled with granny squares. I have chosen the most basic design as the colours will be so varied I thought that would be enough variety without different patterns too. Hopefully in a month or so I shall be able to show you my finished blankets and they will work as I see them in my head!

The growing pile of granny squares

Thanks for reading today’s post, I hope you are looking forward to reading more!

Vicky x